Winning Edge Kibble Source Of Multiple NSW Positive Swabs

Routine swab analysis conducted by the NSW Greyhound and Harness Racing Authority's Analytical Laboratory has revealed an extraordinarily high number of positive tests to the banned substance .

Further research, investigations and testing by the Authority's Analytical Laboratory indicates that “WINNING EDGE PLATINUM”, sold by Premier StockFeeds Australia Pty Ltd contains Theobromine sourced from cacao (the plant from which chocolate is derived).

The labelling of “WINNING EDGE PLATINUM” does not disclose that it contains, or may contain, Theobromine.

The feeding of “WINNING EDGE PLATINUM” to a Greyhound, prior to its racing, may result in a positive test to Theobromine.

Any Owner or Trainer who presents such a Greyhound to race may be guilty of an offence under the .

The Authority has also arranged for all other Winning Edge products to be tested, with negative results.

If participants have any concerns in relation to the above, please contact , Chair, Greyhound on (02) 9722 6600.

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Bob Grove
Bob Grove
15 years ago

Are any other kibbles known to contain theobromine or other metabolytes of caffeine? I use Cobber Working Dog on 2 just named yet to race bitches. Both scour in yard & before galloping (Howard 103 kms away) / trialling (Albion Park 204kms away). I’ve tried anti-biotics & anti-diarrhoera drugs for last 3 weeks but no real improvement. Understand ‘nervous’ shits but at home? Their evening meal diet after 20 mins walking machine has no oil or water : 300gms dry kibble, 450gms beef /roo (80:20), 1tblspn Livamol, 1tspn Staminade, 1tblspn calcium pwd, manganese, Rebound tabs alternating daily with iron 5mg… Read more »


[…] recent spate of positive swabs from NSWM was sourced back to a kibble that is routinely fed to many racing greyhounds, Winning Edge […]