Zelemar Fever And Dyna Nalin Chasing Temlee Glory For WA

WA chasers Zelemar Fever and Dyna Nalin are two great prospects in tonight’s Temlee at the over the 525 metre distance.

Zelemar Fever comes into the race after an unlucky run in last week’s , where she finished fifth after finding trouble that caused ’s Allen Deed to fall on the first bend. With last weeks race well and truly behind Linda Britton’s chaser, she’s ready to put her best foot forward in her Temlee debut. Zelemar Fever has in well after the flight from Perth at her old home, Pace Park Kennels, rolling on her beloved grass giving the stamp of approval.

The daughter of Bombastic Shiraz – Noaki Pace, has her new owners Gary and Craig Weston in Melbourne to support her from the favourable box two.

“There is a lot of pace in the race; she has to position herself well early to be any chance. She is drawn to be right in it.” Trainer Linda Britton explained.

“It will come down to a bit of luck, if she can find herself in a good position early she will be a chance, but not many dogs come from behind at The Meadows.”

Britton believes all the chasers in the Temlee pose a threat to her bitch, singling out Dyna Nalin and Tomac Bale as her main worries.

Zelemar Fever’s last start at the Meadows resulted in a fall; she split her webbing and then made the trip over to Perth.

“You just hope its not going to effect her.”

Britton has three other chasers going around The Meadows. Star Recall has found herself in a Prelim for the Australian Cup heats, drawing box five. The daughter of -High Earner-No Recall missed out on being named in the top 56 greyhounds in Australia and therefore didn’t get a direct spot in the heats.

“Star Recall appears to be suited to The Meadows because of her great box manners. It’s hard to say if the box is going to be an issue, but if she begins it won’t be a problem. I knew that she was borderline (for the top 56 greyhounds), it would have been a lot easier for us if they all made it through to the heats.”

Sister High Recall and kennel mate Te Amo are both trailing between races in preparation for the heats of the Australian Cup next week.

“Both High Recall and Te Amo appear to be great Meadows dogs with their racing style. I’m expecting them to go quite well. This is a bit of a test for them, obviously they are as good as anything in Perth and it’s a bit unknown here. We are basically just testing the waters to see whether we can start traveling with them or if we keep them back in Perth where we know they will win races.”

With possibly four chasers set to run in the Australian Cup heats next Saturday night, Britton rates Zelemar Fever as her top chance and Te Amo not too far behind her. Star Recall and High Recall are young and relatively inexperienced compared to Britton’s other two chasers.

WA trainer has also brought two chasers over for the Australian Cup series, Dyna Nalin and Hillbilly Flash. Dyna Nalin received a spot in the $100,000.00 Temlee. Jumping from box six could work against WA’s traveling sensation, but he is too good a chaser to count him out of this race.

Dyna Nalin was welcomed back to the winner’s circle last week at after going three starts without a win, winning in a best of the night time of 30.10.

“He is feeling good and travelled over well and hopefully has a bit of confidence from last week.” Trainer Paul Stuart explained.

“He does go well at The Meadows and if he can get a nice run early hopefully he can be in it at the end. He is going to need a lot of luck to run down one of the tear away leaders.”

Stuart believes that drawing box six didn’t do him any favours.

“He is going to have to try and get down to the fence early or jump with them and just go around. There is a bit of speed in the race so I dare say he won’t be in the first couple early. I think Zelemar Fever is a massive chance if she goes straight to the fence, she is in good form, but it all depends on what happens out of the . If a dog like Tomac Bale comes out running he could be hard to beat too.”

“If pinches a bit of the lead and they jam up on the first turn he is always a chance too. He is going to be the likely leader, he is going to have a big break if he is going to win but half the hard work is getting to the front. If another dog sits on his tail, he is going to be pretty vulnerable.”

“Id say the win would probably come from the inside three.”

Paul Stuart’s Hillbilly Flash missed out on the top 56 Australian Cup selection and is therefore set to line up in the fifth Prelim from box seven.

“I was hoping he didn’t have to run through the prelim’s but there are some pretty good dogs in the top 56. He has only had 20 odd starts and he hasn’t been performing against the good dogs, which pushes him way down the list. I would have liked to give him a trial run rather then racing him first up.”

“He is going to need a lot of luck from the outside draw even though he has been around The Meadows before. He cant afford to do anything wrong.”

If Dyna Nalin makes it around the Temlee unharmed he will line up in next weeks heats of the Australian Cup and Stuart believes his chaser has more then deserved respect in the series.

“With a couple of good draws Dyna Nalin is always a good chance, he is as good as any dog that is going around. With a bit of luck in draws he is always a chance. His last run shows he still has the talent so I cant see why he couldn’t be more then competitive in the Australian Cup series.”

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