NSW Greyhound trainer loses dogs due to bushfires

A GREYHOUND trainer in the central west of NSW has lost his entire property in a savage bushfire which ravaged a large area east of Dunedoo over the weekend.

Warren Jarvis, from Turill, just under 90km from Dunedoo, fled his property on Sunday when it was engulfed by flames.

“I’ve been watching the smoke since yesterday, before it came up around the hill,” he said.

“I was up around the back paddock to see how close it was and I took off because I could see some flames.

“I came straight onto the main road here and saw all the flames just come over the hill and go mad.

“My house and all my property is totally gone. Thirty-three greyhounds, other cats, all my chooks, probably my sheep and cattle.”

Jarvis trained 24 winners throughout 2016, with most of the success throughout his training career being at Bathurst, Dubbo, Mudgee, Lithgow and The Gardens.

Some of his greyhounds had proven more than handy, including Yap Trap and Country Dancer which had won 10 and 13 races respectively.

It is believed a number of properties have been destroyed by the blaze east of Dunedoo towards Black Stump Way, Leadville and Coolah.

The fire was moving quickly on Sunday afternoon, reaching speeds of up to 12km/hour.

“The information we have is that a number of homes have been impacted by fire in that area,” Rural Fire Service deputy commissioner Rob Rogers told the ABC.

“We have to get in there and have a look at that later on.”

By Sunday night, the fire had grown so large that it was creating its own weather system, with residents northwest of Black Stump Way and Leadville urged to leave towards Dunedoo or Mendooran if they had a clear route.

Meanwhile, residents of Uarbry, Turill and Cassilis were told to seek shelter, with the Royal Fire Service declaring it too late to leave.

The immediate threat to property from bushfires was downgraded on Monday morning as a result of cooler and calmer conditions over Sunday night, however the RFS are still warning people the danger is far from over.

A resident of Uarbry, east of Dunedoo, told the ABC that the small country town had been all but wiped out in the bush fire, which the RFS have called the Sir Ivan Fire, that had burned more than 41,000 hectares by Monday morning.

The Sir Ivan Fire was one of more than 100 being battled by firefighters across NSW on Sunday. The fire had been downgraded to Watch and Act level, one level below emergency, just before 6am on Monday.

However, an RFS spokesperson said residents still needed to monitor the conditions, with the fire remaining un-contained.

“The fire is currently burning to the east of Dunedoo moving in a northerly direction towards Black Stump Way, Leadville and Coolah.

“Although conditions are easing, people in the area should remain vigilant and prepared to implement their bushfire survival plan.

“People in the areas of Leadville, Turill, Cassilis and Coolah should remain vigilant and prepared to implement their bush fire survival plan.

“Follow the directions of firefighters in the area. Telecommunications may be disrupted in the area due to power outages.”

Australian Racing Greyhound has reached out to the family of Mr. Jarvis for further information on his condition and will bring you news as soon as possible.

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  2. BobWhitelaw Animallover737 Deborah555 Karenconnell I’m sorry you’ve had to endure the horrors of a bushfire Bob; why then, are you not utterly incensed at the way this man mis-managed the time and resources available to him, which resulted in the somewhat preventable loss of a lot of his animals?

  3. Animallover737 BobWhitelaw Deborah555 Karenconnell I not going to be drawn into your argument what should have been ? but  i will say  this , we are all Animals Lovers other wise we would’t have them. 

  4. Animallover737 Deborah555 CarolDeGeir Ive fought a fire in 44 degree heat  with winds too strong to throw water into it . We laid a water brake in some canola  stubble along a sheep track & back burned  & turned the fire front to a wide gravel road that had bush that had been prescribed burned a few months before   .The long ryegrass along the fence flared flames 30m long hosing the prickly bush & white gums , nothing burnt , i thought every thing burnt  at 44 degrees . I was standing in front of my 10 000 sheep , dogs , houses , sheds , family elderly parents  & 6 kids  .A wind change i would of not got home , plans never  get past the actual 1st confrontation . We could either fight the fire or cut fences & move sheep , not both . We have the advantage of being quite flat here & well cleared   in Boyup Brook  & can manoeuvre  but have seen very different things happen in hilly & wooded Bridgetown next shire over, one way in & out roads dead ends culdesacs , dense bush , small land holdings & the river winding with ravines & creeks  , very easy to wind up dead in a place like that .Know a Bridgetown farmer who drove his cattle into a dam & spent 3hrs in there , but you cant do that with sheep .All the plans & precautions  on the wrong day will not make much difference .Fires move faster then people can, move where we cant , Yornup was wiped off the map last year even wih thousands of fire fighters  in a green irrigation district .Being angry at this is just being petty for the sake of whipping up some outrage that the ARA enjoy . 

  5. bluelass How would  GRNSW EVACUATION PLAN which was on there site to take Greyhounds to Gosford, Maitland and the Gardens  please explain How this was  going to help those out west  where Fires were?

  6. Animallover737 Deborah555 forthegreys CarolDeGeir How true, people make a lot of poor decisions when under the threat of death from all sources in life in this World that we try to survive in. Just recently 3 people died in a empty water tank because they all made poor decisions and 2 of them made decisions that cost them their lives while under pressure   so  where was their plan for survival.  Animallover737and @CarolDeGeir forthegeys please post your”s Survival plans to cover threats when under pressure in all walks of LIFE for humans and animals a like. I feel for this family and i feel for Mr Jarvis  and all the Animal that where Killed in the recent Bushfires  not only the greyhounds that has been your only focus in this horrific disaster. Some of all  comments from people  on here are boarding on  Hypocrisy i hate to say !

  7. Deborah555 CarolDeGeir Spot on Deborah 555, How many are pets  lost in house fires when humans have survived ,imagine the carnage with massive development in high rise in Sydney where people keep caged birds of all breeds, and believe it not,  chooks and dogs cats,in their units  whats the evacuation plan here  when your 20 stories up?    

  8. BobWhitelaw Deborah555 CarolDeGeir  Bob I was impressed when GRNSW stated that they supported the emergency services, the Police and the fire fighters where the policy is people before property and animals and that any criticism of this man was unwarranted which it was. In the recent fires in Western Australia a man who loved his horse went back to try and save the horse- the end result was that both he and the horse were both burnt to death.  In these situations many animals die and just like you and I and every decent person on the planet finds it deeply distressing but to attack some one who is in one of these terrifying situations is just not cricket.

  9. Animallover737 Deborah555 forthegreys CarolDeGeir To Signal out one individual on here tells everybody that some on here  have  agenda to attack the vulnerable.Please tell us what should have those owners have  done who lost over 300 sheep and lambs and those who lost over 40 cattle in those bush fires in the area that Mr Javis lost his animals.Maybe your energy should be focused in a voluntary capacity stopping or exposing those who light fires that Kill Humans and Animals, then again one must have the ability to do so ?