3 Month Disqualifiction For Flunixin Positve Swab At South Australian Coursing

completed an on 24th October 2011 into the circumstances relating to the obtaining of a positive urine sample tot he drug from the greyhound Lorenzo.

Lorenzo was trained by Mr. and the positive swab was obtained following its win in the GOTBA Maiden at the GOTBA coursing meeting held at on Sunday 31st July 2011.

Flunixin is a powerful anti-inflammatory used in horses and “downy” cattle, the most common source of 4-D meat or pet food grade meat. Flunixin contaminated meat has frequently been identified as a potential source of “accidental” in greyhounds.

Stewards took evidence from Mr Laffin, Mrs J Jones (Steward), Dr. M Hague (Veterinary ) and Ms. J Hurley (Official judge).

Mr Shaun Laffin was charged with a breach of the Rules Of Greyhound Racing R83 which reads:

    R83 Racing greyhound to be free of
    • (2) The owner, trainer or person in charge of a greyhound-
    • (a) nominated to compete in an Event;
    • (b) presented for a satisfactory, weight or whelping trial or such other trial as provided for pursuant to these Rules; or
    • (c) presented for any test or examination for the purpose of a period of incapacitation or prohibition being varied or revoked shall present the greyhound free of any prohibited substance.
  • (3) The owner, trainer or person in charge of a greyhound presented contrary to sub-rule (2) shall be guilty of an offence.
  • (4) A greyhound presented for an Event contrary to sub-rule (1) or (2) shall be disqualified from the Event or any benefit derived from a trial or test.

Mr. Laffin pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The Stewards considered all evidence submitted and found Mr. Laffin guilty of the charge.

Mr. Laffin was disqualified by the stewards for a period of 3 months effective from Midnight Sunday 30th October 2011.

Stewards acting under rule R83(4) disqualified Lorenzo as the winner of the race and amended the placings accordingly.

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