Another day, another Greens and anti-racing activist beat up

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For those of you who have been living under a rock, Australia's ABC is more than prone to running the odd anti-racing article.

It doesn't matter to them whether it's horses, harness, or greyhounds.

The activist journalists at the ABC hate them all equally.

So it came as no surprise today to find they have run a ‘beat up' story trying to influence public opinion ahead of the South Australian Parliamentary inquiry into greyhound racing governance.

The is yet to be held, and the gentleman who will lead the inquiry has barely had time for the paint to dry on his car parking space, but the ABC is already running press against the inquiry.

Public submissions to the inquiry closed on , September 29, 2023.

None of those submissions have yet been made public.

We do presume that Greens MP Franks, who is quoted in the article, does have access to the submissions.

Did she provide the ABC with very selective images and a submission from a young woman named Kirstie Bear?

Or did the ABC run the propaganda of the League directly?

Back before she had purple hair, Kirstie did briefly work for the program in South Australia.

The main basis of the ABC News article was to use that work history to give Kirstie's gripes about the greyhound industry validation.

Unfortunately, at no point in the article does it mention that Kirstie is a paid employee of the anti-racing activist Animal Welfare League Queensland.

Surely that is information that might have been helpful for the reader to better understand Ms. Bear's motivations?

And as four of author Leah MacLennan's last nine articles at the ABC have been about greyhounds, then surely the fact that Ms. Bear works for a known anti-racing organisation would be worthy of mention?

It took us exactly three minutes to ascertain Ms. Bear's employment.

The fact-checkers and editors at the ABC must have been very pressed for time to have not thought that Ms Bear's paid employment might, just might, have influenced her submission, which was the basis for the article.

The ABC was happy enough to let us know that Ms. Bear left “her role with Greyhound Racing SA's GAP in October 2022”.

We know from Greyhound Racing South Australia () records that she was employed in around October 2019, so she enjoyed almost three years with the greyhound adoption program.

The ABC neglected to inform us that Ms. Bear relocated back to Queensland and has been working for Animal Welfare League Queensland since February 2023.

Ms. Bear claims she is “now speaking publicly about what she saw in the industry because she feels more needs to be done to protect the dogs”.

It might just then be a coincidence that the same organisation that pays her living expenses also peddles misinformation and propaganda such as “that the greyhound racing industry leads to thousands of dogs suffering and dying each year”.

Coincidence or not, it is clear that the South inquiry is going to be inundated with the same rhetoric and falsehoods seen and heard during the NSW greyhound racing inquiry, which led to the ill-fated NSW that brought down a Premier.

Just like the farcical reporting of GRNSW being referred to ICAC, there are agendas and propaganda behind many headlines.

As we reminded everyone recently, there is currently a coordinated global assault on greyhound racing by anti-racing activists, facilitated by activist journalists and left-leaning ‘woke' sympathisers in the .

It is imperative that blatant examples of agenda-driven nonsense such as this latest ABC news article be called out for the biased mutation of truth and honesty that they are.

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