Anti racing muck-rakers launch new coordinated global assault on greyhounds

Fair Go Rally

The drums are beating globally, and the cancel culture groupies and tax-free donation addicted virtue signaling organisations are again preparing to upend racing.

On the back of news that the bastion of the vacuous left, the highly anti-racing biased Australian ABC, is again preparing to organise another hit-and-run example of activist journalism that will no doubt contravene most of the standards of journalism that they are supposed to uphold.

Over the weekend, presumably with drones poised and eager news crews hidden in campervans, a couple of chooks were thrown into the greyhound carpark.

We would imagine the intention was to cause as much mayhem as possible and get footage of a greyhound chasing a chook.

The plan failed, but the intent to manufacture news and manipulate situations to achieve an end should not be lost on all greyhound participants.

These are the same grubs who happily trespass on family farms in the middle of the night.

Despite their assertions to the contrary, they have no moral compass.

Fancifully repeating concocted nonsense in a coordinated assault on common sense is their mantra.

Just today, the UK and Wales joined the melee, imagining that greyhounds live their lives in darkness, and happily repeating yet another fiction of the anti-racing brigade.

Make no mistake, the storm is coming.

In the past few months, our tax-free-loving friends from the anti-racing collective swamp have been spending their donations on social bots.

They create fake profiles and inject their fictions into the lives of normal people, many of whom know no better than to believe their fairy tales.

Who will ever forget Ernie?

The anti-racing rabble submitted information about a man named Ernie who frequently drowned puppies at an early age because he knew they would be no good.

Even the New South Wales government fell for that intrepid piece of fictional reporting.

It turns out our Ernie wasn't even Australian, nor did he possess the wisdom none of the rest of us possess by being able to predict a greyhound's ability at just a few week's old.

In fact, the pups were not even greyhounds.

Nothing is beneath them.

Like inventing the term ‘Wastage', then making the public and mainstream media believe it was an industry term.

To this day, I am gobsmacked when greyhound bodies or government identities use the term, but that is how effective their techniques are if allowed to go unchallenged.

There will be challenges ahead, but the challenges are much greater if their imaginary facts, and concocted scenarios are allowed to infect the general percentage of the public who would not be in a position to know better one way or the other.

During the NSW , there were naive factions of the NSW thoroughbred industry that were openly advocating against the greyhound industry.

It had nothing to do with ethics or ‘social licenses'.

Money was the only driving force behind it.

Those conspirators saw the increasing market share greyhound racing was gaining, and instead of wisely supporting a partner, they decided greyhound racing was a competitor.

The truth is that if greyhound racing falls, the anti-racing brigade will only move on to harness racing and then thoroughbred racing.

None will survive a decade.

Australian Racing Greyhound is making a call to all racing supporters, but especially greyhound racing participants.

Be aware that these terrorists will stop at nothing to create a situation that supports their agenda.

Be aware that they have no respect for your home, your family, your children, or your privacy.

Most importantly, be proactive and call out their bullshit at the first opportunity.

Do not let their lies go unchallenged, fester, and infect others.

Do not wait for your state regulatory racing body or Greyhounds Australia to for you.

They were nowhere to be seen last time, and they'll be nowhere to be seen when it counts next time.

Nor have they done anything that would amount to much in the intervening years that would constitute a proactive approach.

If we want racing to survive in all codes, we need to personally be accountable and take a stand against the anti-racing modus operandi of lies and propaganda each and every time we see it.

The storm clouds are gathering.

Now is the best time to get to the high ground.

Not once the rain starts.

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9 months ago

So you you knew about the live baiting in Victoria before this emotive article?