Tasmanian Greyhound Adoption Program forced to hire security due to activists

The Tasmanian Program has been forced to hire security guards to prevent illegal trespass on the property from anti-racing activists.

According to reports in the Tasmanian , the security guards have reportedly stated that their presence is due to “political unrest”.

In Tasmania, Animal Liberation Tasmania (ALT) has recently been highly active.

They have been providing drone and other footage to the mainstream media that supports their cause to shut down greyhound racing in the state.

They claim to not know where the footage came from.

An ALT spokesperson said they had released recent footage “to increase public scrutiny” but claimed the footage was provided to them “anonymously”.

Animal Liberation activists have frequently been suspected of illegal trespassing on farms and homes in Australia, but the organisation itself often denies association with those involved.

ALT seemed remarkably well informed about work practices at the Tasmanian adoption property, despite the presence of security guards, telling a local press reporter that “the cages of individual dogs have been padlocked, which has previously not been common practice.”

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