Two Victorian Greyhound Racing Participants Suspended For Alleged Luring and Baiting Offences

Victorian greyhound racing

Greyhound (GRV) has immediately suspended two Victorian greyhound participants following an investigation, into alleged incidents of luring and baiting.

GRV's Greyhound Unit conducted a targeted inspection of a property located in Lara, near , where evidence of these alleged activities was discovered.

The suspension of the two individuals will remain in effect while investigations are ongoing.

, the Chief Executive Officer of GRV, stressed that the industry has a zero tolerance policy towards baiting offences due to their impact on , the of the sport, and the overall reputation of racing.

“The industry has zero tolerance for any baiting offences, which not only impact animal welfare but also undermine the integrity of the sport and damages the reputation of the greyhound racing industry”, said Laing.

Laing praised the efforts made by the Greyhound Racing Integrity Unit in identifying these violations and taking action.

Laing further highlighted that this unit remains highly vigilant and will thoroughly investigate any allegations or evidence, ensuring that proper actions are taken.

“I would like to acknowledge the work of GRV's Greyhound Racing Integrity Unit, that has led to the identification of these breaches, and the swift action that has been taken.

Our Greyhound Racing Integrity Unit is highly vigilant and will investigate allegations and evidence and take appropriate action, including consideration of any potential criminal breaches of Victoria's Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986 as well as offences under the of Racing,” Laing said.

GRV has declined to name the two individuals suspected of the luring offences.

GRV stipulated that, as investigations are still ongoing, no additional comments will be made regarding the matter.

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