Anthony Hess Disqualified For 3 Months For Prednisilone Positive

(Greyhounds) last week conducted an into the results of a urine sample taken from the greyhound Program Control prior to it racing at Greyhound Racing Club on 16 September 2011.

At the inquiry evidence was taken from the greyhound's trainer Mr. .

After considering the evidence provided before the stewards at the inquiry Mr. Anthony Hess was charged with breaching Rule 83 (1) which reads as follows:

(1) A person who
(a) administers, attempts to administer or causes to be administered a prohibited substance to a greyhound
(d) for the purpose of preventing it from starting in an Event, affecting its condition, behaviour or performance in any Event or when subject to any other contingency provided for the pursuant to these , shall be guilty of an offence.

The specifics of the charge were that prior to racing at Ipswich on Friday 16 September 2011 Mr. Anthony Hess administered Prednoderm to the greyhound Program Control and a urine sample taken prior to racing showed the presence of the Prednisone and Prednisilone.

Pednoderm is a topical antibiotic and and anti-inflammatory ointment that is more commonly used in horses for treating bacterial and mycotic infections, acute and chronic eczema and infected wounds. In contains the banned corticosteroid Prednisolone.

Trainer Mr. Hess pleaded guilty to administering the prohibited substance. Whilst pleading guilty Mr. Hess advised that he had taken inaccurate advice in relation to the treatment of his greyhound with the substance.

In assessing penalty stewards took into account his guilty plea and his forthright evidence.

In accordance with Rule 86 (4) Program Control was disqualified from Race 9 at Ipswich on Friday 16 September 2011.

Mr. Hess's license to train was suspended for a period of three (3) months effective immediately and he was fined $500.

Prizemoney must be returned to Racing Queensland Limited.

Mr. Anthony Hess was advised of his rights of Appeal at the conclusion of the Inquiry

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