Argentina bans greyhound racing

GREYHOUND racing has been banned in Argentina after a bill to outlaw the sport passed through the country’s lower house of government on Thursday.

The lower house supported the bill 132 votes to 17, with those found violating the news laws set to face up to four years in prison and monetary fines of up to $80,000 pesos (AU $6,970).

Despite receiving unified support from some of the country’s major parties, including the coalition Cambiemos (meaning let’s change), some members of the lower house, including those from the Front for Victory (FpV) party felt the greyhound racing ban had been unfairly labelled as an animal rights bill.

Diana Conti from the FpV, Argentina’s left-leaning opposition, slammed the bill, labelling it ‘unconstitutional’ and ‘fascist’ and making assertions that it would have a detrimental effect on an entire ‘micro economy’, whilst the country is already facing rising unemployment figures.

“The debate has created a false paradox [that consists of saying those who voted ‘no’] do not love animals, and that’s not true… the banning of greyhound racing is not what’s being voted on here, but rather the prohibition of people to trying to find an honest job through this activity… Well, I’m voting ‘no’, whether or not they lynch me in the street,” Conti proclaimed.

However, animal rights group Proyecto Galgo Argentina has been a vocal opponent of the industry, claiming widespread cruelty as they advocated for the shutdown of greyhound racing.

“The training is done without any kind of veterinary supervision. The dogs are subjected to a great physical demand that can end their lives. Animals other than greyhounds are also involved in the ‘sport’ of racing.

“Rabbits, chickens and cats are used as live bait to motivate the greyhounds to run faster. Sometimes, the feet of the bait animals are broken so that their screams of pain excite the dogs.”

Despite the ban being supported by animal rights activists, greyhound owner Juan Jose Provera told the Al Jazeera news agency the Argentinian Government was treating enthusiasts like they were murderers.

“It hurts to see that the country thinks we are mistreating our dogs. They’re like family,” he said.

“They want to ban the races, but that’s a mistake.”

The bill to ban greyhound racing passed through the senate back in 2015, while Freedom of Information documents also revealed Argentina was importing greyhounds from countries including Ireland and Australia.

Argentinian president Mauricio Macri backed the measure and is expected to sign the bill into law in the next few days.

Past Discussion

  1. Katherine probably needs to make up her mind and pick one: is it about “people to trying to find an honest job through this activity” or is it about greyhound racing, which is neither a job, nor honest. Greyhound racing is just state-sanctioned animal cruelty and abuse, carried out for the purpose of bragging rights and making money.

  2. Katrina Love Katherine is a journalist for a greyhound racing site you are not her employer. So bossy and self righteous you “animal lovers”. You lost get over it and move on and find some other self righteous cause where you can convince yourself of your own moral superiority – those male chickens that get squished every day might need a voice such as yours. Off you go.

  3. Deborah555 Katrina Love They already have my voice, as does every other animal who suffers at the hands of humans…


    Katherine is making false statements about the greyhound racing industry PUBLICLY. That leaves her open to criticism. Scroll past if you don’t like it, love.

  4. Katrina Love Deborah555  Great idea I will after this post because lets be frank your voice will not save any animal from cruelty as  much as you may delude yourself to the contrary.  But if it makes you feel good about yourself and superior to others well self delusion is not illegal so off you go on your crusade. We do actually have a very well informed anti person who regularly posts on this site and we all respect him and read his posts and reply but the difference is he is highly intelligent and well informed sadly you appear to be neither.

  5. Katrina Love  DOH, REALLY. I WASNT AWARE OF THAT!!!

    and your experience of what we experience is what?

    get any A’s at school? yes/no? get an A and tell me you didn’t blow a inner feeling>>>>its more than your theology radicalized by someone who has you under a spell. you have no experience in the industry to understand,you just believe its wrong,because your set only have that as an issue to discuss around the table when eating celery sticks dipped in yoghurt.

    see,you just cant have the entire world believing what you YOU believe. bloody boring world if we all did.

    geez, I just love it when under pressure,the vitriol just gets down right nasty. im up for it though.

  6. Deborah555 Katrina Love  lol….only difference DEB is the length of the message. HUGH tired me out after a few pages,but yes he was fun and he was very intelligent.

  7. Katrina Love Deborah555 Haha, I read that entire conversation, he ran rings around all of you greyhound people!  Once again Deborah was exposed for making false statements and got caught out trying to refute factual information, how’s that ten page essay about the behaviour of male lions coming along? 

    Spyman had to resort to pointing out how much time he thought Hugh had spent writing posts because he couldn’t keep up with the debate!

  8. Katrina Love 

    Hello Katrina. 

    I didn’t believe it when Alan Jones and Mark Latham said that they were teaching this stuff in our schools.

    We’ll look after you sweetie, now…… What school was that? What class are you in?

  9. D123 Katrina Love Deborah555  wrong….was never in that debate as I was away. read it later but bird had flown.i do move on. I find HUGH over zealous in his comments. it just drifts on and on. when he learns the art of answering a question,or making a point in a simple state,he will be acknowledged. cannot tell me all that dribble is worth the effort?speaking big words and long sentences gets you where?

  10. Katrina Love Deborah555 you claim you were away yet I see your posts peppered throughout that debate, obviously not addressing Hugh of course, except for your two attempts to point out the length of his posts (neither of which worked at all). 

    I dont blame you for not trying to debate him, I guess you realised from the outset that you had no chance.

  11. Hardly newsworthy for a racing site but you may as well use the Grey2K site rather than guess. The last thing I read about Argentina was the death squads and the Falklands Wars,

    better news for the greyhounds is

    Not only is the local unauthorised greyhound welfare movement an embarrassment to the Government, the Public but also to the professional animal welfare groups oversea. Also hope to see hyou at the canine expo in China in 2019 when people with adult attitudes will seek to advance animal welfare by trade.

  12. D123 Katrina Love Deborah555 i I put a reply to this thread up the top of the page as I did not want to name people who are good enough to enter this important debate.

    But I must say generally that the overseas professional lobby group for tha animal welfare totally outshone the local content which had no idea how to run a campaign and seriously got in the road of the pro’s.

    You only get donations by associating with the people who make donations ie models in designer clothing, forty-thousand teeth jobs etc. The same applies for raising money for human welfare.