Armidale Track On Fire

Quick times were the order of the day at 's Saturday race meeting, according to Armidale Greyhound Racing Club president Greg Nordstrom.

“It was a very good roll-up, there were 10 races and only one race didn't have a full field at the close of nominations,” he said

“It turned out there were only four vacant boxes over the 10 races.”

The meeting attracted trainers from across the State and a number are scheduled to hit Armidale again for the finals this weekend.

Local Uralla trainer had a winner in the second maiden race on Saturday with Swanky.

Nordstrom said Shambler trains for Queensland's Velocity Lodge Syndicate and Swanky is a very well bred greyhound – he said ‘she would make a good brood greyhound'.

“It was a good win.”

Nordstrom is anticipating Shambler will return to Armidale this weekend but it depends how the dogs pull-up after Saturday's meet.

He said it is good to see the Queensland company sending their dogs to trainers outside Queensland to Uralla.

Aberdeen trainer John Lawson, who will be back for the finals this weekend, also had a successful day in Armidale with a double and a second place.

Nordstrom said the standout race was the best eight when Lawson's dogs ran first and second.

“There was only a nose separating them in the end,” he said.

Lawson's dog Future Fund ran first in the sixth race followed closely by over the 440m.

Lawson's second winner was in the ninth race of the day with .

Nordstrom said Lawson is a trainer who likes to support country clubs so he will be back again this Saturday.

Lawson recently travelled out to Broken Hill to contest his titles there and Nordstrom said it is good for the clubs to have these trainers entering.

This weekend's meeting is expected to be a success and Nordstrom encouraged people to head along to the finals – the day starts at 1pm with a race every 20 minutes.

Full Results :
Race 1, Steelfarm Maiden 365m; 1 Appleby, Peter McAlister; 2 Scotch and Coke, ; 3 Defying Time, Rosanna Streathfield. Scr: 9, 10

Race 2, Armidale Bowling Club Maiden 365m; 1 Swanky, Michelle Shambler; 2 , Garry Streathfield, 3 Scruffy Gaites, . Scr: 4, 10

Race 3, AGRC Sprinters Heat 1 4th/5th 365m; 1 Spotted Assassin, William Brown; 2 Brisbane Limited, Sam Clay; 3 Kegs on Legs, Maureen West. Scr 9, 10

Race 4, AGRC Sprinters Heat 2 4th/5th 365m; 1 Silent Bretheren, Maureen West; 2 Lethal Eagle, Peter McAlister; 3 Anorev Fiesta, Verona Wilson. Scr: 9, 10

Race 5, Barry Mitchell Appreciation mixed 440m; 1 Danish Dynamite, Garry Streathfield; 2 , Michelle Shambler; 3 Thrupence, Sabrina Brown. Scr: 9, 10

Race 6, John Cannon Appreciation, best 8 440m; 1 Future Fund, John Lawson; 2 Drive Up, John Lawson; 3 Kings Man, Peter McAlister. Scr: 2

Race 7, Hardman Nissan Appreciation 5 520m; 1 Dynamite Spiral, Russell Harland; 2 Super Toll, Kevin Ackling; 3 Wingen Princess, John Lawson.

Race 8, AGRC Sprinters Heat 3 4th/5th 365m; 1 Happy Benn, Kevin Ackling; 2 , William Brown; 3 Hios Express, John Buckley. Scr: 9, 10

Race 9, AGRC Sprinters Heat 3 4th/5th 365m; 1 Our Elite Belle, John Lawson; 2 Travelling Wild, Peter McAlister; 3 Sixer's Slip, Michelle Shambler. Scr: 9, 10

Race 10: Armidale Ex-Services Club Appreciation 5 440m; 1 , Rosanna Streathfield; 2, Blue Bright, Russell Harland; 3 Academy Hope, Alwyn Cann. Scr: 8

Courtesy : Judy Walker, Armidale Express

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