Barry Campbell Receives 3 Months For NSAID Positive Swab

NSW have just released details of a positive swab in a greyhound at Greyhound Racing Club meeting from 22nd January 2009.

The trained was found to be racing under the influence of , which is a non steroidal inti inflammtory () commonly found in the human athrititis drug, Feldene.

In the race in question Calm Suits Ya was a 4.25 length maiden winner, starting a $2.00 favourite and winning his first race in twelve attemopts. Calm Suits Ya ran unplaced at his next start at Dapto, but subsequently won again at the next start, again at Dapto.

GHRRA Stewards finalised an on the 25 March 2009 into the positive finding of Piroxicam in the urine sample taken from Calm Suits Ya when it competed at Dapto on 22 January 2009.

Owner/Trainer Barry Campbell was charged with a breach of Rule 83(2)(a) in that he failed to present Calm Suits Ya for racing, prohibited substance free, to which he pleaded guilty.

Stewards disqualified Mr Campbell for 3 months, commencing 25 March 2009 for his breach of Rule 83(2)(a).

Calm Suits Ya was disqualified from the event.

Barry Campbell is the second NSW greyhound trainer disqualified in recent times for a positive swab to Piroxicam with James Jones handed out a three month disqualification back in November 2008.

Oddly though Victorian GRV Stewards have been shown to to be taking a very light approach to of a simialr nature, handing out only a $1,000 fine to Victorian greyhound trainer Luke Bottom for a positive swab to the drug Diclofenac; which is also a NSAID and similar in property and effecitiveness to Pirioxicam. Luke Bottom can be thankful he doesn't live in New South Wales.

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