2017 Group 1 Melbourne Cup – every runner analysed with top odds

Who will win the 2017 Group 1 Melbourne Cup? PIC: .

THE Group 1 Melbourne Cup is like Christmas for greyhound racing fanatics.

This year’s race will see an even spread of talent as eight of the nation’s best chasers vie for a slice of the $600,000 prize, the richest greyhound race in the world.

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Group 1 Melbourne Cup – complete form and best odds

The favourite with bookmakers is Seona Thompson’s Aston Dee Bee, which clocked a flying 29.12 in his heat.

He has drawn the coveted cherry, a box from which he boasts an impeccable record, but he will have to overcome the likes of group 1 winners Raw Ability, Up Hill Jill and Striker Light – as well as his kennel mate Bewildering – to take home the prize.

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Even the outsiders must be given a chance this year. Aston Miley has brilliant early speed and Chasin’ Crackers, a multiple group 1 place getter, proved he can match it with the best of them with a terrific 29.62 run at Wentworth Park four starts back.

Also given a chance is Kouta Mayhem for Jason and Jessica Sharp. He is drawn ideally in box two and – unbelievably – comes into the biggest race on the calendar having won his first 500 just two starts back.

Box one – Aston Dee Bee

Aston Dee Bee strides clear in 29.12. PIC: Paul Munt.

Barcia Bale x Aston Elle
Black Dog – 36.0kg – Apr ’15
Prize Money: $211,025
Trainer: Seona Thompson
Career: 47: 26-5-5
T/D: 10: 7-0-1
T/D Best: 29.12
Box: 5: 4-1-0
Career Highlights: WON 2017 Victorian Sprint Championship, 25.34TR, Bulli 25.78TR, 2ND 2017 Group 1 Topgun, 2017 Group 1 Adelaide Cup, 2017 Healesville Cup, 3RD 2017 Group 1 National Sprint Championship, 2017 Bendigo Cup, FINALIST 2017 Group 2 Warragul Cup, 2017 Group 2 Traralgon Cup.

Ray Borda (owner) says: “Everybody in greyhound racing aims to win this race. He is the standout off box one, but if he doesn’t begin it could be a very unforgiving draw. The way the field is drawn it looks like most of the pace is on the outside and he does have the ability to jump himself. If he doesn’t begin brilliantly he will be relying on a few things going right, but he does seem ideally drawn.”

Box two – Kouta Mayhem

Kouta Mayhem winning his heat of the Melbourne Cup. PIC: Paul Munt.

Fabregas x Belle’s Melody
Black Dog – 34.8kg – Mar ‘15
Prize Money: $55,900
Trainer: Jason Sharp
Career: 25: 14-3-1
T/D: 4: 2-0-0
T/D Best: 29.53
Box: 3: 2-0-0
Career Highlights: FINALIST 2017 Group 2 Bendigo Cup, 2017 Group 3 Healesville Cup.

Jason Sharp (trainer) says: “We are over the moon to be in the race – it is still surreal and it’s like all our greyhound dreams are coming true. I am very happy with the draw and he will get his chance if he jumps, but he has to lead to win – he can’t give these dogs a start and a beating.”

Box three – Chasin’ Crackers

Chasin’ Crackers proves too strong. PIC: Paul Munt.

Fabregas x Lady Arko

Black Dog – 32.8kg – Aug ‘15
Prize Money: $100,156
Trainer: Glenn Rounds
Career: 33: 13-9-5
T/D: 14: 4-5-3
T/D Best: 29.40
Box: 7: 4-1-0
Career Highlights: 2ND 2017 Group 1 Vic Peters Classic, 3RD 2017 Group 1 Peter Mosman Classic.

Glenn Rounds (trainer) says: “Box three is favourable, but it is a very tough race and it is hard to know what is going to happen. He is more of a 600m dog I always thought, but he is sprinting really well at the moment. I can’t see him running the hands off the clock early, but if he can begin cleanly he is going to be right in it.”

Box four – Raw Ability

Raw Ability puts his best paws forward. PIC: Paul Munt.

Barcia Bale x Bugatti Flyer
Black Dog – 32.8kg – Mar ’15
Prize Money: $139,725
Trainer: Anthony Azzopardi
Career: 28: 14-2-4
T/D: 7: 2-1-1
T/D Best: 29.20
Box: 5: 3-0-0
Career Highlights: WON 2017 Group 1 Adelaide Cup, 3RD 2017 Group 2 , FINALIST 2017 Group 1 Topgun.

Anthony Azzopardi (trainer) says: “Every trainer wants to have one in the Melbourne Cup – it is a massive experience. The dog jumped well in his heat and he is going into the race full of confidence, so there is a lot in his favour. The box draw isn’t too bad, but he needs to get a clear run. He is the complete package though and I wouldn’t swap him for any other dog in the race.”

Box five – Up Hill Jill

Up Hill Jill was too slick in her Melbourne Cup heat. PIC: Paul Munt.

Premier Fantasy x Where’s Demonica
Black Bitch – 29.2kg – Feb ‘15
Prize Money: $457,696
Trainer: David Geall
Career: 53: 28-18-2
T/D: 13: 6-5-0
T/D Best: 29.43
Box: 6: 3-3-0
Career Highlights: WON 2017 Group 1 Topgun, 2016 Group 2 Laurels, 2ND 2017 Group 1 National Futurity, 2017 Group 1 Sapphire Crown, 2017 Group 1 Peter Mosman Classic, 2017 Group 2 , 2017 Group 2 Warrnambool Classic, 2017 Group 2 Bob Payne Spring Sprint, 2017 Group 3 , FINALIST 2017 Group 1 Golden Easter Egg.

David Geall (trainer) says: “It is a huge thrill just to be in the final. I would rather be in box one, two or three but the way the field is drawn I don’t think box five is the worst. She has brilliant early speed, but she can’t miss the start at all this week because there is a lot of pace in the race and there are also some very strong dogs in there. It would be sensational if she could win it.”

Box six – Bewildering

Bewildering bolts clear for a brilliant win. PIC: Paul Munt.

Black Magic Opal x Outlandish
Black Dog – 33.9kg – Feb ‘15
Prize Money: $246,830
Trainer: Seona Thompson
Career: 34: 16-7-1
T/D: 15: 5-4-0
T/D Best: 29.03
Box: 5: 2-2-1
Career Highlights: 2017 Group 2 Warrnambool Classic, 2017 Group 3 Speed Star, 2017 Group 3 Silver Bullet, 2ND 2017 Group 2 , 2ND 2017 Group 2 Geelong Cup, FINALIST 2017 Group 1 Harrison-Dawson, 2017 Group 1 National Sprint Championship, 2017 Group 1 Adelaide Cup.

Bill Buccilli (owner) says: “He’s a chance in what I would consider one the best full fields of a Melbourne Cup. Huge amount of speed around him. No doubt he will need some luck from where he is drawn but if things can open up for him he is in the race. You could run that race with that field eight times and you will probably get a different winner each time. Proud to be a part of this great race.”

Box seven – Aston Miley

Aston Miley too nippy for her rivals. PIC: Paul Munt.

Barcia Bale x Aston Elle
Black bitch – 30.5kg – Apr ‘15
Prize Money: $34,465
Trainer: Eddie Lieshout
Career: 14: 7-2-2
T/D: 3: 2-0-0
T/D Best: 29.42
Box: 2: 0-0-0
Career Highlights: 3RD 2017 Group 2 Geelong Cup.

Eddie Lieshout (trainer) says: “I know it is a hard race to win, but I am happy to be in there. I thought her run was very good in her heat and while the time wasn’t too hot she did everything right and she has pulled up beautiful. I believe she can run 29.30 there and break 5.00 early which does give her some chance, but no matter what happens I am very pleased with her.”

Box eight – Striker Light

winning her heat of the Melbourne Cup. PIC: Paul Munt.

Kc And All x Pretty Fancy

Black Bitch – 28.9kg – Mar ‘15
Prize Money: $455,300
Career: 39: 20-8-1
T/D: 9: 4-2-1
T/D Best: 29.37
Box: 8: 4-2-0
Career Highlights: WON 2017 Group 1 Golden Easter Egg, 2017 Group 1 National Futurity, 2ND 2017 Group 2 Warrnambool Cup, 3RD 2017 Group 1 Sapphire Crown, FINALIST 2017 Group 1 Paws of Thunder, 2016 Group 2 Laurels, 2017 Group 1 Temlee, 2017 Group 2 Richmond Oaks, 2017 Group 2 Bendigo Cup, 2017 Group 1 Adelaide Cup, 2017 Group 1 Topgun.

Kelly Bravo (trainer) says: “At the end of the day she is probably better drawn out there than stuck in the middle – she has had box three in a couple of the big races recently and when there is so much pace in them you have to begin brilliantly or you are no better off. She can break five to the first mark. If she gets out well and can find the front early she will get the chance to break them up mid-race – that’s where she wins her races. But she will have to be on her game, that’s for sure.”

Tips: 4 – 8 – 1 – 5

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