Angle Park Greyhound Tips & Betting Preview November 13th 2014

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Race 9: Shamus's Entity

Best Value:
Race 12: Red Can

Leg 1: 1,2,5,6,7 – Leg 2: 1,2,5 – Leg 3: 1,2,6 – Leg 4: 1,5,8 – $135 for 100%

Race No. 1Tip Top Dry Cleaners Stake Cta D…7:14 PM
5 event over 515 metres at Angle park Of $3,065 Prizemoney.
1st: $2,150 2nd: $610 3rd: $305.


1DISCO DAVE212430.17Kim Johnstone
2ALLEN ILLEM433329.81
3FLYING BALE375429.97Lisa Rasmussen
4DANYO'S LUKE445629.92Colin Swain
5FARMEROO156429.78Kenneth Gill
6 GRIS177630.34Wendy Matcott
7CONTRARIAN587729.70Leanne Fagan
8WREX BALE523330.08Wendy Matcott
9DYNA SUZIE6877NBTTony Rasmussen
10OSBOURNE BALE166629.96Wendy Matcott

Wrex Bale has been racing in good form of late without winning and from the favourable draw he should get every chance to return to the winners list. He likes to scout wide in his races and with a railer drawn underneath he should get all the breaks as they head into the first turn. Farmeroo has the class edge and he should be in the firing line throughout, he normally begins well and this is the easiest race he has contested for a while. Allen Illem has been placed in his past three starts here and he should run home into a place again. Danyo's Luke rounds out the chances, he is very hit or miss early but he can run serious time when he lands on the bunny.

Top Four: 8 – 5 – 2 – 4

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Wrex Bale

Exacta: 5,8/2,4,5,8 ($6 for 100%)

Quinella: 8 to rove with 2,4,5 ($3 for 100%)

Trifecta: 5,8/5,8/Field ($12 for 100%)

Race No. 2Signlab (juvenile) Stake Cta Div…7:34 PM
JUV event over 515 metres at Angle park Of $2,350 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,645 2nd: $470 3rd: $235.


1GUN MCBAIN517129.99Todd Kelly
3SPRING PEARL641330.33Wendy Matcott
4SPRING 225330.24Tony Lagana
6TASER MCBAIN152630.25Todd Kelly
7BLACK BOTTLE826229.84Kathleen Johnstone
8HASHTAG HARRY231530.28Todd Kelly

Gun McBain is super consistent and he is drawn to lead for a long way, his last 40m is never convincing but he has won 11 of 23 here and he should prove hard to run down whilst running around 30 flat on the lure. Dashing Dee Dee is a highly promising speedster and she should get a nice sit on Gun Mcbain for most of the trip, if she can be within three or four lengths off the back straight she should make the favourite work hard for victory. Black Bottle has turned in some monster performances of late and if he crosses he will take a power of beating. My only concern with him is that there is a heap of speed drawn underneath him and he will need a few things to go his way. Spring Pearl rounds out the chances, she is improving with every run and she should run a cheeky race.

Top Four: 1 – 2 – 7 – 3

Suggested Bets:

Boxed Quinella: 1,2,7 ($3 for 100%)

Exacta: 1,2/1,2,3,7 ($6 for 100%)

Trifecta: 1/2,3,7/Field ($15 for 100%)

Trifecta: 1,2/1,2/Field ($10 for 100%)

Race No. 3Schweppes Tonic Water Stake Cta …7:55 PM
6 event over 515 metres at Angle park Of $2,350 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,645 2nd: $470 3rd: $235.


1MICKO FOZZ441130.16David Hall
2INDIVIDUALIZE654130.57Lisa Rasmussen
3LONG GULLY MARK46X330.11Paula Hearnden
4KARA ROTO435430.67Todd Kelly
5REVERT BALE417230.52Wendy Matcott
6DYNA DRAMA733130.22Wendy Matcott
7SPARE WHEEL734730.43Roger Harris
8DIGNIFIED LAD226630.09Martin Doyle

Tough race but I think the in form Dyna Drama can get the job done. Last Monday she used the red draw to advantage to score a slick win here and with a very wide runner drawn on her outside tonight she shouldn't be hindered by her box draw. Long Gully Mark has the class edge and if he can mend his box manners he will be right in the mix. He used to be a great beginner but he has been missing away of late. With the speed drawn around him, he can't afford to make too many mistakes early. Spare Wheel has been disappointing of late but he has his draw to tonight and he should show improvement, whilst Revert Bale posted a handy placing here on Monday and she can run a solid race again.

Top Four: 6 – 3 – 7 – 1

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Dyna Drama

Quinella: 6 to rove with 1,3,7 ($3 for 100%)

Exacta: 3,6,7/1,3,6,7 ($9 for 100%)

Trifecta: 6/1,3,7/Field ($18 for 100%)

Race No. 4Ezy Fit Marine Stake Cta Divisio…8:15 PM
5 event over 515 metres at Angle park Of $3,065 Prizemoney.
1st: $2,150 2nd: $610 3rd: $305.


1DENALI HERO772530.50Dean Decrea
2ALDERLEY RETREAT336530.46Kathleen Johnstone
3SHAYNE BALE553730.43Lisa Rasmussen
4GRANDE TO EXCEL133130.01George Rehmann
6APOCAL BALE131429.85Tony Rasmussen
7VELOCITY LYREM723530.14Kim Johnstone
8ILLUSIVE ALLEN747229.92Wendy Matcott
9ALLEN CYDAN675230.57Wendy Matcott
10DYNA SUZIE6877NBTTony Rasmussen

Apocal Bale has recorded two sub 29.90 wins here in recent weeks and with any sort of luck he should destroy this lineup. He can be slow to begin so he will need a few things to go his way but he has plenty on these. Grande To Excel is the likely leader and he should give a great sight, his last 30m isn't great but he should set up a nice lead mid race. Shayne Bale is much better than his recent form indicates and with a good getaway he should be able to sight the bunny and regain some confidence. Everlasting Gaze makes a lot of mistakes in her races but she has plenty of talent and if the gaps open at the right time she could get the cash.

Top Four: 6 – 4 – 3 – 5

Suggested Bets:

Trifecta: 6/3,4,5/Field ($18 for 100%)

Trifecta: 3,4,6/3,4,5,6/3,4,5,6,7,8 ($36 for 100%)

Exacta: 4,6/3,4,5,6 ($6 for 100%)

Quinella: 6 to rove with 3,4,5 ($3 for 100%)

Race No. 5Power Pumps Stake Cta Division38:40 PM
5 event over 515 metres at Angle park Of $3,065 Prizemoney.
1st: $2,150 2nd: $610 3rd: $305.


1SQUALL BALE5543NBTTony Rasmussen
2VELOCITY DAFF227330.09Kim Johnstone
3SPOT GOES RACING177529.94Petar Jovanovic
4NEVADA SMITH552130.00Gavin Harris
5WOODSIDE JAGGER427230.03Graham Smith
6RED LINE LAD343430.14Lisa Rasmussen
7YAMBLA MICK515229.91
8WITCH BALE865330.29Wendy Matcott
9DYNA ERWIN264829.84Wendy Matcott
10ALLEN CYDAN675230.57Wendy Matcott

Woodside Jagger was beaten by a gun speedster here last week in very fast time and if he can turn in a similar effort tonight he will give them something to catch. He is very hit or miss early but he has slow beginners on his outside so he should get plenty of room to muster speed. Velocity Daff has been racing in consistent form and she deserves another win, from the two box she should find the rail early and she might have enough speed to hold them out. Red Line Lad has been very stiff since coming across from Victoria, he will hit the line hard and with some luck in running he should run a bottler.

Top Four: 5 – 2 – 6 – 7

Suggested Bets:

Boxed Quinella: 2,5,6,7 ($6 for 100%)

Exacta: 2,5,6/2,5,6,7 ($9 for 100%)

Trifecta: 2,5,6/2,5,6,7/1,2,3,5,6,7 ($36 for 100%)

Race No. 6Blink Business Stake Cta Divisio…8:58 PM
5 event over 515 metres at Angle park Of $3,065 Prizemoney.
1st: $2,150 2nd: $610 3rd: $305.


1SPRING CHARLOTTE826130.26Wendy Matcott
2SENNI TONY322729.91Colin Swain
3PEPPER KAHN466830.02Kim Johnstone
4AS IT GOES344329.72Oswald Chegia
5VAN CARRHO FLASH253830.91Troy Murray
6JUNTA BALE634530.00Lisa Rasmussen
7ZAC BALE313730.15Tony Rasmussen
8WAVE JOCKEY543430.01Leanne Fagan
9OSBOURNE BALE166629.96Wendy Matcott
10DYNA HAKON488829.74Wendy Matcott

Van Carrho Flash made up for his luckless debut effort here with a 400m win at Gawler on Tuesday. He normally possesses smart early speed and with a clean getaway he should have sufficient speed to cross early. Spring Charlotte has the good draw and she should hold a prominent position early, she broke through here on Monday night and she should maintain that good form. Senni Tony is dropping in class and if he gets through at the first turn he should run a big race, he relies a fair bit on luck but if he gets the gaps mid race he will charge home. As It Goes rounds out the chances, she is another who drops in class and she is worth a bet if she goes around at silly odds.

Top Four: 5 – 1 – 2 – 4

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Van Carrho Flash

Exacta: 1,2,5/1,2,4,5 ($9 for 100%)

Trifecta: 5/1,2,4/Field ($18 for 100%)

Trifecta: 1,2,5/1,2,4,5/1,2,3,4,5,7 ($36 for 100%)

Race No. 7Mighty M Free For All Cta Divisi…9:22 PM
FFA event over 515 metres at Angle park Of $4,415 Prizemoney.
1st: $3,095 2nd: $880 3rd: $440.


1FANCY RICK116129.77John Shanahan
2WILD SOUL132429.77Kim Johnstone
3BEACH WARY3231NBTLisa Rasmussen
5BOGIE YATES537130.14Ben Rawlings
7GENGHIS KAHN435629.68Kathleen Johnstone
8BREAKER KAHN411230.16Kathleen Johnstone
9HE'S A VILLIAN125330.08Lisa Rasmussen

Great lineup set to do battle and it's hard to look past the in form Emerley Senorita. Last week she was posted wide for most of the trip but she was still good enough to score in a slick 29.98. With a keen railer on her inside and wide runner on her outside she should be afforded a clear run early. Wild Soul is all class and he always finds a way to win here, he is drawn to get a nice sit behind the early leaders and he may prove too strong. Fancy Rick flew early when winning here last time in 29.77 and a repeat of that effort would see him figure prominently. Genghis Kahn is the only other winning hope, he is ideally drawn out wide and he will be steaming home late.

Top Four: 6 – 2 – 1 – 7

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Emerley Senorita

Exacta: 1,2,6/1,2,6,7 ($9 for 100%)

Quinella: 6 to rove with 1,2,7 ($3 for 100%)

Trifecta: 2,6/2,6/Field ($12 for 100%)

Trifecta: 6/1,2,7/Field ($18 for 100%)

Race No. 8Ezy Fit Hydraulics Grade 6 Serie…9:42 PM
6 event over 515 metres at Angle park Of $4,415 Prizemoney.
1st: $3,095 2nd: $880 3rd: $440.


1BOONOONA BOY522329.97Troy Murray
2VELOCITY SAPHIRE333230.32Kim Johnstone
3YOUNG GUN MCBAIN221230.11Todd Kelly
4ONE EYED WATTO327230.21Kenneth Gill
5HIGH MARKET561129.91Petar Jovanovic
6GUNSMOKE MCBAIN381130.21Todd Kelly
7KASAI WARRIOR532129.97Petar Jovanovic
8BOOJEROOMA123229.83Bozidar Stamenkovic
9SPRING TYSON225330.24Tony Lagana
10AEROPLANE BOWSER263230.27Walter Harkins

Boonoona Boy was far from disgraced here last week and he appears drawn to get all the breaks. He has won here in fast time of late and from the red he should be able to settle much closer to the speed. High Market is a super talent and he has scored two brilliant wins here of late, the box draw is against him but if he steps away he should make a big impact. Boojerooma was handily placed in her heat when resuming from a spell and she should be much better for the run, whilst Kasai Warrior was a top heat winner but the draw helped big time last week.

Top Four: 1 – 8 – 5 – 7

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Boonoona Boy

Exacta: 1,5,8/1,5,7,8 ($9 for 100%)

Trifecta: 1/5,7,8/Field (18 for 100%)

Quinella: 1 to rove with 5,7,8 ($3 for 100%)

Race No. 9Schweppes Soda Water Free For Al…10:05 PM
FFA event over 731 metres at Angle park Of $4,200 Prizemoney.
1st: $2,835 2nd: $910 3rd: $455.


2HANDSOME BLUE486143.71Lauren Harris
4ZARA MCLAREN321243.25Tania Foster
6LONG GULLY SURF265343.26Paula Hearnden
8MCLAREN PRINCE788743.39Tania Foster

Shamus's Entity is making his staying debut but the manner in which he hit the line when winning at Gawler in 37.48 suggests that he shouldn't have too much trouble with the journey. From the red he should be able to hold them out and get the cash. Zara Mclaren has been placed in her past six starts and she has a top record here, the small field will suit and she should finish top two. Long Gully Surf is also suited by the small field and he should fill the trifecta spot.

Top Four: 1 – 4 – 6 – 8

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Shamus's Entity

Exacta: 1/4,6 ($2 for 100%)

Trifecta: 1/4/6,8 ($2 for 100%)

Race No. 10Cafe Brunelli Stake Cta Division…10:25 PM
6 event over 515 metres at Angle park Of $2,350 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,645 2nd: $470 3rd: $235.


1KNUCKLE BOOM766630.48Leanne Fagan
2AHA MCBAIN644230.58Todd Kelly
3AND AWAY4653NBTLisa Rasmussen
4ONSLOW137830.48Paula Hearnden
5SUSHI BALE343430.43Lisa Rasmussen
6MISATO BALE364630.46Wendy Matcott
7MIDWAY MAGIC524130.25Desmond Hockley
8JETTA KAHN421630.21Kim Johnstone

Midway Magic scored a big win here last time in 30.25 and with a heap of front runners again in this event she looks poised to win again. She is likely to get back early but she has a massive finish and she should pick them off late. Sushi Bale is dropping considerably in class and he too will be hitting the line hard, he will need a few breaks in running but this is the easiest race he has contested for a while. Jetta Kahn should settle in the top two and she should give a great sight, I dont think she can hold the stronger chasers off but she should hang on for a place.

Top Four: 7 – 5 – 8 – 2

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Midway Magic

Boxed Quinella: 2,5,7,8 ($6 for 100%)

Exacta: 5,7/2,5,7,8 ($6 for 100%)

Trifecta: 5,7,8/2,5,7,8/ 1,2,5,6,7,8 ($36 for 100%)

Race No. 11Totld Design Stake Cta Division310:44 PM
6 event over 515 metres at Angle park Of $2,350 Prizemoney.
1st: $1,645 2nd: $470 3rd: $235.


1NOREN BALE373430.64Lisa Rasmussen
2AEROPLANE BOWSER263230.27Walter Harkins
3KANKAKEE MCLAREN436430.11Tania Foster
4ALEX TYSON617330.84Tony Lagana
5LEKTRA NINJA376730.40Wendy Matcott
6PAWESOME GOLD742330.40Paul Fagan
7VERA ALLEN354530.50Wendy Matcott
8RED CAN184430.11Robin Harnas

Red Can is drawn perfectly in the pink and if he can step cleanly he should run a monster race. Four starts ago he pounced on the lead and recorded a smart 30.11 win here and that type of effort would see him win comfortably tonight. Aeroplane Bowser charged home when placed here on Monday night and he looks well graded in this event, he will need some luck but he is strong and he should fill a placing. Kankakee Mclaren will settle in the top three early and he should give a great sight, whilst Noren Bale is drawn to make an impact.

Top Four: 8 – 2 – 3 – 1

Suggested Bets:

Win bet on Red Can

Exacta: 2,3,8/1,2,3,8 ($9 for 100%)

Quinella: 8 to rove with 1,2,3 ($3 for 100%)

Trifecta: 8/1,2,3/Field ($18 for 100%)

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