Gawler greyhound racing tips Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Today's greyhound racing meeting, in the state of South Australia, is set to bring a day of thrilling dog races on Wednesday, April 17, 2024.

Starting with the first race at 11:31 AM AEST, the event will feature twelve races showcasing the speed and agility of these canine athletes.

One of the attractions of the event is the (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division 2 race, scheduled as Race 5 at 12:41 PM. This 400 metre race boasts a prize pool of $1,070, making it one of the most rewarding races of the day. The winner will walk away with a prize of $580.

Make sure not to miss out on witnessing these canine athletes in action and make use of our free greyhound tips to elevate your race at Gawler dogs today.

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Today's Gawler Greyhound Tips April 17, 2024

Race # Time (AEST) Distance (m) Race Name Grade Greyhound (No.) Trainer Prize Total First Place
1 11:31 400m The Bunyip Maiden Stake Pr2 Division1 Maiden Dark Trace (9) Jack Trengove $970 $525
2 11:51 400m Maiden Stake Pr2 Division2 Maiden Aunty Dorrie (10) Brenda Oakey $970 $525
3 12:08 400m Gawler Dry Cleaners (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division1 TG1-4W Send It Spice (1) $1,005 $545
4 12:24 400m Nixon's Function Centre (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division1 Other Glorious Bella (2) $1,070 $580
5 12:41 400m Sky Racing (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division2 Other Aston Monica (1) Paul Fagan $1,070 $580
6 13:01 400m Tab (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division3 Other Spring Sophie (7) Paul Fagan $1,070 $580
7 13:17 400m The Dogcast (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division4 Other Cooler Mac Lass (9) Brian $1,070 $580
8 13:37 531m @thedogssa (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division1 Other Harry (7) Brenda Oakey $1,070 $580
9 13:54 400m The Bunyip (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division2 TG1-4W Aston Pierro (2) Paul Fagan $1,005 $545
10 14:12 400m Greyhounds As Pets (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division3 TG1-4W Cawbourne Joey (2) Jack Trengove $1,005 $545
11 14:29 400m Gawler Dry Cleaners (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division4 TG1-4W Stone Cut (8) Bec Mcauley-Fry $1,005 $545
12 14:47 400m Nixon's Function Centre (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division5 TG1-4W Cup Of Tea (1) $1,005 $545

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Greyhound Racing Tips

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