Greyhound Betting Tips For Monday 23 September 2013

Albion Park Greyhounds Race 3 Box 7 Toein' The Line. 7.24pm

This fellow was bought for a big sum of money only a few months ago, after some big runs in the lead up to the  maiden series. His last start 4th here a while ago was a little disappointing and he failed to run out the 520. I'm hoping now he's had a little time to mature he can no go on with it, but it's always hard to get a dog fit enough first up to win over the 520 when they're not a really solid 500 dog. From what I have seen I don't believe he is but he has a big motor and does look very promising. There's not much here in this race that he needs to beat, but I'm hoping he still starts at a backable price. Box 7 will suit and he should get away nicely with them here in this and, as long as he gets away and gets around the first turn, he should be just far too good. Two turn tracks always make it hard for big speed dogs, and he certainly fits that bill being 35kg, but he looks the winner and I'll be putting the money on.

Angle Park Greyhounds Race 10 Box 1 Velocity Melita 9.38pm

If the price is right here in this I'm going to back Velocity Melita with confidence. She's been over in SA for a while now but hasn't found her best form yet. I know of far inferior dogs that have gone across from QLD and run and performed much better then Velocity Melita has. So for that reason, even though I know she's not performing at her best, I have no doubt if she goes the way she can she'll get down to around 30.10 and that will win this race by a space! Box 1 and slow beginners around her should bring the best out in her and if she jumps and pushes up she should win.

Cawbourne Flute is the main danger and, although he's getting on, he is racing well. He needs a little luck but if he gets it he will no doubt be there at the end. Velocity Melita is sure to perform eventually and let's hope its tonight.

Grafton Greyhounds Race 9 Box 1 You Seen Groovy 9.54pm

This dog looks a great chance here and he can win. Box 1 will suit him and 2 starts ago he took off and stopped the clock in a solid 27.57 and I doubt they will go quicker than that here in this.

Imposing Design will be the key here to the success of the box 1 runner. Imposing Design should begin well and lead. If You Seen Groovy can jump and gain clear running, by holding his position on the rail, he'll get his chance to run over the top of these. He should be $8.00 odd so an each-way bet is the way to go.

Launceston Greyhounds Race 2 Box 3 Feta Cheese 8.02pm

Feta Cheese is out of a bitch called Body Trim and she's been a solid producer and most of her progeny have strength on their side. This fellow is no different, but he did fail last start badly. He had excuses and I'm willing to give him here in this. Box 3 will suit him now, he has an empty box beside him, and although he won't be big odds, $3.50 is about the right price. He's strong and looks the winner, but he does need to get forward and be up on the early. The main danger could be the owned Viper Surf. His breeding alone suggests he should have at least average ability and I'd be wary of him.

Best Of  Luck

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