Greyhound Betting Tips For Monday 26th August 2013

Another week and another countless number of dogs to search through. Its a lonely old profession punting; one that can leave even the strongest of characters soul .

I’ve just returned from a daily run with my retired greyhound ‘Sam’ and both her and I are buggered. While most of society slave away for someone else, I spend most of my days by myself watching our 4 legged friends chase a mechanical they’re never going to catch. But Mondays always a great betting night, so I best shift into gear. I guess though I don’t have to endure the typical daily grind.

Albion Park Greyhounds Race 3 Box 2 Trek Fox 7.25pm

The blueblood here Trek Fox, by import sire Fear Zafonic out of champion stayer ; looks extremely hard to beat. His first start here last week was brilliant. He was slow to begin and really looked extremely green in running. Once he balanced up and found clear room, he really hit the line with strength. New Gleam and Commando Charles were both great also and these two runners will start the likely favourite pair. But I was impressed with Trek Fox’s run and I have no doubt when he learns to race he will surpass both the other two in ability. Punters looking for value will no doubt find it here with the Christina Harman trained Trek Fox. It looks a great trifecta race and punters looking for a Trifecta could try taking this combination : 2,4,8 / 2,4,8 / 1,2,4,7,8.

Angle Park Greyhounds Race 1 Box 4 Full Beer Fridge 6.34pm

There’s 3 main chances here are from 4,5,8. I’m going to have a go at backing Full Beer Fridge. He’s been very consistent and has been racing well. I have no doubt he’ll reach top grade here in , and it won’t be long before he strings a few together. In tonight’s race he has enough early pace to offset the 4 box and now has the added advantage of the 2 dog being scratched. He should ping and land straight on the bunny, and rail and will take plenty of catching. I get the feeling he’s more then able to run around the 30.00 dead mark and should he ping tonight I reckon he’ll go close. Deadly Impact and Emerley Wizard look the dangers and both dogs will be hitting the line hard. If Emerley Wizard comes out running both him and Full Beer Fridge will take up the early running. Full beer fridge will be solid odds and I’d be backing him tonight.

Grafton Greyhounds Race 7 Box 5 Shoe Laces Lady 9.12pm

This should be a race where Shoe Laces Lady just blows them away. I’ve been singing her praise for a long time now nd although she’s won a few I still think the best is to come. There’s nothing in this field that haS the pace of this girl and she should bounce straight to the front from box rise. She’s strong and determined and she should carve out solid sectionals early on. Boxes 1 and 8 look the main two behind her and both these two can win if Shoe Laces Lady makes a mistake. I know she’ll start favourite and a short one at that, but she will just win. Take the tri: 5 / 1,8 / 1,8.

Launceston Greyhounds Race 2 Box 1, Smoken’ Banzai 8.00pm

This bloke gets his chance here tonight to to his best. It’s been a long time since he’s won a race but he won’t get a better chance then this here tonight. He’s the fastest dog in the race and only has to deal with one other dog, Go Rubber Nose. She’ll start the favourite and is the likely leader. It’s been A long time since Banzai has found the front and raced on the bunny. He gets his chance here tonight and I’m confident we will see him improve on the lure. In a two dog race he’s a great win bet. Stick with him or take the quinella.

Shepparton Greyhounds Race 7 Box 7 Hanifys Silver 9.08pm

Last chance here for this fellow. I’ve continually put my cash on this fellow, and lost it. But he has the box and has the speed to win; problem is he’s moody and needs clear room. He loves it out wide and is trained by leading trainer and can get them across the line when it counts. If he’s at odds of $4.00 or more he looks a great bet. I wouldn’t bother backing him each way, he either wins or doesn’t.

Best of luck.

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