Greyhound Racing Tips For Wednesday 8th May 2013

We managed a couple of $4.00 winners last night, and hopefully we have turned the corner. Hanify’s Ruler put in a huge run spotting the leader a huge margin and running him down right on the line. Paua and Jewels also won and pinged the lids and led all the way winning by about 3 lengths on the line. A great result.

Onto today, and we have a couple more for you and let’s hope we can find a few more.

Albion Park Greyhounds, Race 9 Box 1 Cecil Henry, 6.23pm

This is certainly no easy race to find a winner in, but as I’ve said before win races and we are going to go with the box 1 runner Cecil Henry. It’s a little hard to work out this bloke at times he’s looked quite poor. Then in other runs he’s looked brilliant. He has a PB of about 30.34 and can begin on his day. There’s a mix of speed and strength in this and it’s going to be on from the moment the lids open. Not all the fancy runners are going to finish in the placings. Our pick needs to jump and rail hard, and he certainly needs a little luck go his way. I doubt wether he can win, if the strong runners get clear runs. So they are going to need to jam up a little behind but that’s quite likely with a mix of speed and strength. He will be value and looks a great eachway bet.

Angle Park Greyhounds, Race 1 Box 2 Striking Viking, 1.35pm

I was a huge fan of this girls mum when she raced around a few years ago. She was a great little stayer and has seemed to have thrown that strength into her pups. This girl is by the speedy Superman, and has plenty of her mums strength also. The litter mates have drawn box 1 and 2 here, but on precocious runs, Striking Viking looks to have a lithe more toe than her sister. It’s a maiden race and full of chances but our selection has a mix of speed and strength and she may from behind or in front. It’s a little hard to work out where are is going to land, but she will get a great run either way, and looks might hard to stop here in this. Win lose or draw today, we may see a little more of this litter in the future. Eachway in a tough maiden race, where dogs do things wrong.

Warrnambool Greyhounds, Race 5 Box 1 Werynski, 8.08pm

I’m well aware I’m selecting a favourite here but this bloke should flog these here tonight and he looks a great bet to heap into. He’s been with J. Thompson a long while now and I’m surprised he’s still in the leading Victorian kennel. Not because he has no ability, he’s a flying machine, but he really hasn’t done a great deal in the Thompson camp and hasn’t won a great deal of . I’ve seen quicker dogs leave Jason’s kennel who have performed really well but as I said he’s a flying machine and has plenty of talent, and he’s well over due for a big win. This is a ordinary 5th grade race and from box 1 he looks unbeatable. A mix of speed and strength, and he should win and win this easily.

Ballarat Greyhounds, Race 8 Box 2 Dyna Iceman, 9.18pm

I’m not totally confident about selecting this bloke but he’s overdue for a win and has drawn very well. He has early toe and has won plenty of races. He knows what winnings all about and can certainly match it with them if the going gets tough. He might land on the bunny here as long as the Mucho , doesn’t ping the lids. Mucho looks the one if he has come back as good as ever; only the betting will denote that. If Dyna Iceman does lead then Mucho is going to get a great run in behind our selection here. It may be a good multiple race and I have no doubt if boxes 1 and 2 run first and second the multiples will pay quite healthy.

Cannington Greyhounds, Race 9 Box 5 Chosen Jewel, 8.57 WA time

If in doubt follow , W.A’s leading trainer for god knows how many years, has her charge Chosen Jewel engaged. Her last couple have been a bit below her best, but her winning run before that was brilliant. She’s been a bit unlucky of late, and looks well placed against these runners here. She’s not a great beginner but does muster quite quickly. Box 5 will be a tough ask but theirs nothing that really stands out here. If she’s the right price say 4 or 5-1 If be inclined to back her. Linda gets plenty of winners you could do a lot worse than backing Linda’s dog eachway here tonight.

Best of luck

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