Bill Ray Out For 7 Months Over Flunixin Positive Swab

As reported back in lat December 2008, West Australian RWWA Stewards had called greyhound trainer Bill Ray to inquiry over a positive swab returned by his greyhound from a race in November 2008.

That was held yesterday and have taken the hardest line yet seen over a poisitve swab to . The only other recent positive swab to Flunixin was also from WA and saw WA greyhound trainer J Millsteed fined $1,000, with RWWA Stewards confident that the likely explanation was meat contamination.

However, in the inquiry concluded yesterday RWWA Stewards seemed to reach the conclusion that the Positive Swab returned by Billy Joe Bach was not the result of meat contamination, but the result of deliberate of Flunixin, and have handed out a 7 month disqualification.

The inquiry was called when a report from the Racing Chemistry Centre in Perth, stated that the post race urine sample taken from the greyhound Billy Joe Bach after it won Race 1 at Mandurah on Monday 17th November 2008 contained the prohibited substance Flunixin.

In yesterdays inquiry, evidence was taken from Trainer Mr , Racing Chemistry Centre Chemist, Mr James White and Dr. Judith Medd, RWWA Industry Veterinarian.

Trainer Mr Bill Ray pleaded guilty under Greyhound Racing Rule 83 (2)(a) for nominating and presenting Billy Joe Bach to compete in Race 1 at Mandurah Greyhounds on the 17th November 2008 not free of
the prohibited substance Flunixin.

In considering penalty the Stewards took into account the following:

  • The seriousness of the offence.
  • The expert evidence of Dr Medd and Mr White.
  • Mr Ray's guilty plea and co-operative conduct during the Inquiry.
  • The circumstances of the offence.
  • This being Mr Ray's first offence.

Mr W. Ray was disqualified for a period of seven (7) months effective immediately.

Acting under the provisions of Greyhound Racing Rule 83(4) Billy Joe Bach was disqualified as the winner of Race 1, the Mandurah Mail York Stake Grade 5, over (302m) Monday 17th November 2008 and the placings have been amended.

The Stake money was ordered be returned to the offices of RWWA.

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