GRSA Launches “Bunny Of The Year” Competition

To a man, you will not find a single greyhound race-goer that will argue against the fact that the one thing greyhound tracks desperately need more of, is scantily clad stunners under the age of 30.

To their credit, have identified the issue, and are working hard to ensure South Australian race-goers can also enjoy a pleasant visual experience between greyhound races, by announcing The Greyhound Racing SA's Bunnie of the Year.

In a move that is sure to see many questioning the relationship between sex and greyhounds, and one that is sure to have Queensland's own Big Dog Bunnies shaking their proverbial tails in anticipation; GRSA has today announced one of the most exciting competitions to hit South Australia's greyhound industry for many years, Greyhound Racing South Australia's Bunnie of the Year.

One lucky young South Australian will become the South Australian Bunnie of the year and win over $4000 in prizes plus a modeling contract with FOX Models and become the face of Greyhound Racing SA for the year” said Natalie , Marketing Manager – Greyhound Racing SA.

Eager young “bunnies” can register online at : and entries close January 22nd 2009.

While we at Australian Racing Greyhound will definitely be putting our names forward to be on the interview , we understand final voting for will take place 11th February 2009, but between now and then “Joe Public” will get his chance to cast a vote online by going to the GRSA website and voting for his or her favourite.

Aa a nice for all us hard working voters, anybody who logs on to the website and who votes for their favorite Bunnie automatically goes into the draw for the “Be Hef for a day” prize, which also has a great prize; over $5k in prizes and a date with the 12 Bunnie Finalists.

Patrons can also enter on course by simply filling out the entry form and placing it into the entry box.

From the voting, 12 finalists will be selected, they will be interviewed by the selection panel which includes Board Members, model agency representatives, fashion icons and personalities and they will also then participate in a fashion parade at Greyhound Park on Thursday 12th of February 2009.

The winner will be awarded at about 9.30pm that night.

The “Be Hef for a day” prize will be awarded on the same night (12th of February) but the prize will take place on the 19th of February 2009 (we are leaving this date free on our calendars !!!).

Greyhound Racing SA's Bunnie of the Year will be offically launched at on Wednesday the 14th of January 2009.

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15 years ago

Where do you vote for the bunny of the year? I want to get my family and friends to vote for me but we dont know where to go to vote?


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15 years ago

Can you please tell me how to enter the Bunnie of the Year competition.
I want to be one of the bunnies not vote for them. I feel that I have what it takes to
be the winner so if you can advise how I enter that would be appreciated.