CFA Updates Paused For Now On Australian Racing Greyhound

As there have been no Alerts for Victorian communites from some time and no Victorian townships are currently under threat, and have not been for some time; we will pause the CFA updates for now.

If the threat level changes or fire acitivity increases, we will resume relaying the CFA Updates immediately.

Even though the fires do not currently pose a threat, residents in fire affected areas need to be aware that with fire activity continuing, there is the potential for it to impact directly with sudden changes in the weather patterns. If that occurs we will resume relaying CFA updates.

Fire crews are currenlty continuing backburning operations to consolidate containment lines in may areas and that backburning can produce large plumes of smoke, which may be of concernto residents in those areas.

The community is advised that these are fully planned and well resourced fuel reduction burns managed by DSE and CFA.

The official CFA Incidents & Updates Website is providing perioidic Awareness messages detailing backburning and containment efforts for those in fire affected communities.

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