Eve McGregor Appointed New GRNSW Chairman

Eve McGregor has been appointed as Chairman of the first independent Board of Greyhound ().

Ms McGregor has extensive background as a corporate lawyer in the areas of rights, licensing and copyright having previously served as a Senior Corporate Lawyer for as well as a Consultant for an Australasian Racing Rights Holder. Most recently she was Senior Legal Counsel at Fox .

Ms McGregor replaces Professor AM, who has retired after nine years as Chairman.

Speaking following the appointment, Ms McGregor said she and her fellow Board members wer looking forward to meeting the challenges that the sport was facing and ensuring its future sustainability.

“Initial briefings to the new board have only just begun and we will need to examine the current GRNSW Strategic Plan ‘Chasing 2020’ and decide on what we need to do to continue the sport’s development,” Ms McGregor said.

“A number of foundations have already been laid by the outgoing GRNSW Board that has ensured growth of the greyhound product, including increased prizemoney and the introduction of TAB C racing.”

Ms McGregor added that she would be visiting tracks across the state in the coming months to meet directly with participants.

“I am particularly looking forward to getting out and meeting stakeholders so I can actually hear their thoughts on the sport,” she said.

“However, as we are an independent Board we will also be taking direct advice from our primary consultative – the Greyhound Racing Industry Consultation Group – so I would encourage participants to use that vehicle as a means of ensuring their concerns reach us as well.”

Ms McGregor is joined on the new GRNSW Board by , George Bawtree, David Clarkson and . The Board has appointed David Clarkson as its deputy Chairman to preside at meetings in the absence of the Chairman.

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