Forbes Greyhound Club Closes Sensationally

The Forbes & District Greyhound Racing Club has advised Greyhound () that it will cease operating, effective immediately.

The Board of GRNSW received the notification from the at its most recent meeting.

The Forbes greyhound club first came under scrutiny in 2009, when the clubs license was not renewed by GRNSW due to the club failing to provide audited financial reports for its previous operating year.

The again in 2011 GRNSW determined that the “Forbes greyhound club had not met the requirements of the Operating Standards“, which is a condition of registration for every NSW greyhound club.

It wasn't until February 2012 that GRNSW granted registration to the Forbes greyhound club for the 2012 calendar year.

Just over seven months after that registration renewal, this final decision to close was made by the committee of the Forbes Club after it determined that the club did not have the finances and was unable to recruit enough volunteers to operate effectively. The club's registration has now been cancelled and no further greyhound races will be staged at Forbes.

Forbes & District Greyhound Racing Club Secretary Dennis Booth said the decision to wind up the club was not an easy one, but had to be made due to the club's circumstances.

“For years, the club has continually tried to find new revenue streams to allow it to continue to operate but we have reached the stage where the money has simply dried up. As a result, we as a committee felt that there was no other alternative other than to request that GRNSW cancel the club's registration,” Mr Booth said.

“It's a sad day but probably indicative of the challenges several race clubs face in the current environment.”

The Board of GRNSW will now work towards ensuring all remaining meetings at Forbes will be transferred to as TAB C meetings at dates to be confirmed.

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