Glen Price Fined $750 In The Graham Berry Inquiry

today completed their with respect to Greyhound Trainer Mr Glen Price arising from the inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the presence of 61 greyhounds at a Nambeelup Park kennel property, the persons associated with these greyhounds and the actions and associations of registered persons with disqualified person Mr Graham Berry.

The inquiry had 2 previous sittings on 26 June and 10 July where evidence was taken from RWWA Principal Investigator Mr Phil O'Reilly, Deputy Chief Mr Paul Searle, Ms Rebecca Watson, Mr Kody Charles, Mr Larry Valenti, Mr , Mr Glen Price and Mr Dan Biddle. Ms Linda Hulsinga and Mr Graham Berry were also called to the inquiry.

After considering the evidence various charges have been issued against Mr Tim Mullany, Mr Dan Biddle, Mr Kody Charles, Ms Linda Hulsinga, Mr Glen Price, Ms Rebecca Watson and Mr Graham Berry. The inquiry is currently progressing to hear each respective case in due course.

At a hearing on 31 July 2014, Mr Price pleaded guilty to a single charge. The charge was issued under GAR 86(o) with the offence being that Mr Price omitted to advise RWWA that a racing greyhound under his care and control, had been removed from his kennels and was then discovered by RWWA Officials on 9 April 2014 at the premises of disqualified person Mr Graham Berry, which was considered negligent.

A fine of $750 was imposed.

In considering an appropriate penalty, Stewards took into account, amongst other things;

– Mr Price's previous record and assistance to the inquiry
– The seriousness of the offence
– Mr Price's current status and personal circumstances
– The circumstances surrounding the commission of the offences
– That Mr Price was not responsible for placing the greyhound at the Nambeelup property

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