GHRRA Stewards Sex Scandal

The Daily Telegraph is this morning reporting that the NSW Greyhound industry is about to take another big hit will allegations of sexual harrassment being made by a female against one her fellow .

The Daily Telegraph have revealed that GHRRA harness racing steward has filed for unfair dismissal in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission.

Scott is relying on allegations of bullying, harassment and sexual harassment against fellow Greyhound and Harness Racing Authority stewards to prove her case. Her most explosive claim stems from being inappropriately propositioned by a senior male steward.

The Telegraph report that The GHRRA, which is administered by the State Government's Office of Gaming, Liquor and Racing, is refusing to comment because Scott's case is before the court.

The incident involving Scott allegedly occurred during a work-related retreat. She has also accused other male stewards of bullying and general harassment – behaviour that made her feel uncomfortable in the workplace.

The GHRRA recently made Scott a casual employee, prompting her to file an unfair dismissal claim before the IRC in light of her duties being reduced. The case was recently heard by an independent conciliator. The matter is now scheduled to appear before the IRC in October.

The GHRRA has so far not stood any of its stewards down and the Telegraph report that Chief Harness Racing Steward Michael Beatie is currenlty “not at liberty” to respond to the claims.

GHRRA CEO is currently on leave.

It is unknown as to whether the claims relate purely to the Harness Racing Stewards Division of the GHRRA or whether they also involve stewards from the Greyhound Racing Stewards Division as well.

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