GRNSW Addresses Decline In Training Facilities

GRNSWGreyhound () today released a Position Statement on the Establishment of Greyhound Trialling Facilities aimed at addressing the growing decline of such facilities available to .

Over recent years the number of trial tracks, or other trialling facilities such as slipping tracks, has steadily declined as the urban sprawl has engulfed land which formerly housed trialling properties. As a result greyhound trainers, particularly those in the belt extending from the Hunter to the South Coast, have faced extended travelling times, increased costs and the inconvenience of being a long way from a suitable trialling venue.

Recognising that the trend could threaten ongoing participation in the sport for many trainers, the Board of GRNSW has developed a position statement which will be used as a set of guiding principles to direct them on issues relating to the development of trialling facilities.

The position statement lays out the guidelines by which GRNSW would assist with the funding of the establishment of trialling facilities for greyhound clubs in NSW, either at their existing racetrack or at an alternative site. Further, it outlines factors which would be assessed when considering offering funding assistance to groups or individuals to establish a new trialling venue.

In short, the Position Statement includes;

  • Making available up to $10,000 for Race clubs to establish a trial track at their current
  • Making available up to $15,000 for Race clubs to establish a trial track on external land
    away from their current track.
  • Making available up to $10,000 for Non-race clubs, groups and individuals to establish a
    trialling facility.

GRNSW Chairman Professor AM said the Board is acutely aware of the growing lack of trialling facilities and this is a way of supporting the industry to come up with solutions.

“The greyhound industry will need to become more focused on existing venues in the future and equip those venues with a variety of facilities for trainers. Some greyhound racing tracks in NSW are already on sufficient land which would allow for additional trialling facilities to be established,” Professor Allan said.

“If this is the case then GRNSW should encourage the club to utilise that capacity and provide a level of support for the establishment of a trialling facility.”

The position statement is available to view in full at

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