Cowra Inquiry Finds Club President At Fault

GHRRAAs reported earlier this week, a recent in to a driving incident at in March; has been concluded and cleared the club to race. At the time we did not have at hand the official GHRRA decision.

That has since come to hand and has found Club President, to be at fault for allowing unregistered lure driver, Jonathon Gee; to the lure for Race 2 on March 7th 2008.

The inquiry also found that Peter McDonald also ordered an incorrect announcement be made over the course broadcast system in an attempt to conceal the identity of the actual lure driver.

concluded an Inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the Lure Driving of Race 2 at Cowra Greyhound Racing Club Meeting on 7 March, 2008.

Evidence at the Inquiry revealed that , Chair of Stewards, directed Cowra President, Peter McDonald, on the evening of the race meeting, not to allow the Club’s Lure Drive, Geoffrey Curtale to drive in an event in which his Greyhound was to race.

The Cowra Club permitted Jonathen Gee, an unregistered Lure Driver, to drive Race 2 without the Authority’s knowledge or permission, although Paul Farrelly, Local Club , had originally granted approval.

After Race 2, Peter McDonald ordered an announcement over the on course Public Address System, that John Godwin of had driven the lure. This was incorrect.

After consideration of the evidence, the Cowra Greyhound Racing Club was charged and pleaded Guilty to a breach of Rule 53(3) and fined $660.

Peter McDonald was charged and pleaded Guilty to a breach of Rule 86(1)(p) and fined $440.

Peter McDonald was further charged and pleaded Guilty to a breach of Rule 86(1)(o) and fined a further $660.

The suspension of the Cowra Greyhound Racing Club was lifted.”

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