GRSA Lose Another Executive To Harness Racing SA

The Board of has recently been notified of the resignation of Oliver Bott from his role as Manager Finance and , effective from 17 December. Oliver will be taking up the position of Finance Manager with Harness Racing SA in January 2011.

Oliver has been a loyal and committed member of the GRSA team for a period spanning 15 years, and is widely considered to be one of the more popular operators within racing both at a local and a level, having been involved with as an honorary treasurer since 2005.

Oliver commenced in his role with the former SA Greyhound Racing Board in 1995. Following the takeover of the Adelaide Greyhound Racing Club in 1996, he implemented the consolidated financial accounting system supporting GRSA, and has subsequently overseen the expansion of that system to accommodate the integration of , and more recently Port Pirie.

Of his time in the role, Oliver cites his greatest satisfaction as relating to his involvement in the corporatisation of the three codes in 2000, and the subsequent of the SA TAB.

He identifies the corporatisation process as having elevated the industry's professionalism , while he credits the sale of the TAB, and the industry's subsequent adoption of a market share distribution arrangement, as having provided a windfall unrivalled in the history of SA greyhound racing.

He attributes former Chairman, Robert Kennedy, as having made a contribution of particular note to the industry's current position of strength. Oliver also acknowledges the benefits of having worked with two outstanding CEO's, namely the late , and more recently, Peter Ali.

Oliver leaves GRSA with the knowledge that the company is in an excellent financial position, which augers well for the greyhound code's future. He looks forward to the challenges that confront him at HRSA.

The Board and staff of GRSA take this opportunity to thank Oliver and to wish him every success in relation to his future endeavours.

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