GRV appoints its first General Manager of Integrity

GREYHOUND (GRV) made the announcement on Monday it has appointed its first General Manager of , Shane Gillard.

Under the previous structure of the authority body, integrity, racing and animal all fell under the one umbrella, however, following recommendations from the Perna review, the integrity arm of GRV will now be seperate.

Gillard comes into the new position holding more than 20 years experience in management from a variety of sectors including manufacturing, construction, engineering, training, recruitment and labour hire.

As a part of his career, Gillard has spent the past 12 years as the regulator of workplace health and safety with Worksafe Victoria, Australia's leading Occupational Health and Safety regulator, in both and enforcement roles.

Gillard's appointment will see him lead a team of dedicated officers who are tasked with ensuring is run accordingly to the highest possible standards of integrity.

Gillard said in a press release he was excited for the challenges which lay ahead within the new role as the Victorian greyhound racing industry continues on its path of .

“I am very excited about the opportunity to join the team at GRV at such a critical time in its history,” Gillard said.

“The chance to influence and navigate the industry through an important period of reform is something I'm excited and very optimistic about.”

Gillard's appointment as the General Manager of Integrity comes after the announcement on June 16 Dr Gavin Goble would fill the position of the General Manager of Animal Welfare.

Gillard and Goble are two of many key appointments which have been made to increase GRV's integrity resources, with another being Charlie Bezzina, one of the state's most experienced and commended police detectives.

“I'm keen to work with the industry to improve the welfare of greyhounds, to develop and implement best practice when it comes to operational integrity and importantly hold those to account that operate outside the ,” Gillard said.

“I have been a environment for more than a decade and make no apology for holding those to account who disregard the rules.

“I'm about working with the Greyhound racing community to make the changes necessary that ensure welfare of the animals and integrity is at the forefront of the industry.”

The CEO of GRV, , applauded the appointment and said Gillard would form a vital role in implementing the authority body's reform agenda across the industry.

“Part of this role is to reinstate confidence of the Australian community that the greyhound racing industry is a legitimate sport and one that deserves its place in Victoria,” Clayton said.

“It is a great opportunity to influence change in an industry that is an important part of the Victorian economy and ensure it remains so for many years to come.

“I'd like to also take this opportunity to thank Charlie Bezzina for stepping up as the acting GM Integrity and I look forward to him continuing to work in our integrity unit.”

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Jason Caley
Jason Caley
6 years ago

So long as policing is separate from promotion – I am all for this!

follows good corporate governance principles – hope other States follow suit. If any of the authorities are ISO 9000 accredited they will need to do this anyway. They all should be in fact, Quality Management and ISO 38500. I know most people reading this will think I am talking jibberish but most publicly listed companies already adhere to these principles. Greyhound Racing authorities are publicly accountable so they need to embrace these changes. Kudos to GRV for leading the way.

lone widow
lone widow
6 years ago

Welcome Mr Shane Gillard.

Integrity is such a grey area especially when being administered by those lacking in it themselves.

From one who runs a clean kennel could i suggest your first priority should be to crack down on the drug cheats.  The reform that is urgently needed is that they should get life with no right of appeal and no slap on the wrist.  HOW GOOD ARE YOU ‘MISTER GILLARD’?  I hope you succeed in your new position.

6 years ago

I find it strange that Victoria can implement reforms for a better future, but NSW can’t.

Baird is not trying and needs to resign so we can get somebody that can.