GRV Commit To Animal Welfare

Greyhound Racing ’s (GRV) priority on animal was projected louder than ever before at yesterday’s official opening of the redeveloped Greyhound Adoption Program’s (GAP) base in Seymour.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Racing, was on hand to open the $1.2 Million dollar redevelopment, which was funded by the State Government ($482,000) in conjunction with GRV, which is the controlling body of GAP.

The project comprises a new administration office and new kennel enclosure, resulting in first-class facilities for the greyhounds, GAP staff and visitors to the property, which has been the home of the GAP since 2004.

“The Program facility here in Seymour is charged with the responsibility of giving these racing animals a second chance at life.”

“Through this program, Greyhound is addressing the misconceptions about greyhounds as well as improving the profile of the racing industry by placing such a high emphasis on .”

“As a result of GRV’s hard work, the Greyhound Adoption Program is having incredible success. Last year a record number of greyhounds – 354 – were retrained and adopted out”, Minister Hulls told the crowd of 50 VIPs including the President, Dr. Hugh Wirth.

The Greyhound Adoption Program began in 1997 and the number of greyhounds being adopted into Victorian families so far exceeds 2,800. This redevelopment will allow the current number of 350 greyhounds to be adopted out each year to grow to up to 600 per year within five years.

, the Chairman of , said it was fitting that Minister Hulls was at the opening.

“Minister Hulls introduced into the state government which made it possible for greyhounds that go through the Greyhound Adoption Program to be unmuzzled in public. GRV appreciates the financial assistance it receives from the government and the interest the Minister has in our activities”.

“We are confident that many more greyhounds will go to homes where they will be cared for and treasured for the rest of their lives.”

“In addition, facilities have been provided for school visits to learn more about pet care and welfare”, Mrs Wilson said.

The GAP aside, GRV has taken several steps in recent years to demonstrate its strong commitment to providing a humane lifecycle for its key stake holder – the greyhound.

These include:

  • The introduction of a Code of Practice, which addresses the standard of facilities in which racing greyhounds reside
  • The formation of a Responsible Breeders Task Force, which addresses potential animal welfare issues within the industry
  • The employment of a full-time Animal Welfare Business Development Officer, Dr. Linda Beer

According to a GRV spokesperson, “the Greyhound Adoption Program facility, particularly since this recent redevelopment, is now a wonderful showcase that the entire greyhound industry can be proud of.”

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Jane Speechley
Jane Speechley
13 years ago

Good afternoon all Readers of this blog might be interested to know that GRV’s newly appointed Animal Welfare Business Development Officer Dr Linda Beer will be speaking at the AAWS08 International Animal Welfare Conference (31 Aug–3 Sept, Gold Coast QLD). GRV should be applauded for taking a proactive approach to addressing animal welfare and public perceptions around the industry, and Dr Beer’s talk at the conference is expected to attract significant attention. Anyone with an interest in animal welfare is encouraged to consider particpating in the conference, which will bring together up to 500 high-profile speakers and delegates from across… Read more »

Darryl Cummings
Darryl Cummings
13 years ago

All hot air, spin doctoring this welfare PR stuff – they really don’t care!

11 years ago

Awesome contribution Darryl, simply stunning.