GRNSW Launch Greyhounds As Pets Program

Greyhounds across New South Wales can now embark on a ‘seachange’ following the launch of , an initiative of Greyhound .

Greyhounds as Pets is the official sanctioned program in the State, which will work towards adopting out greyhounds to homes as well as providing leadership regarding greyhound issues and promoting the idea that greyhounds make great pets.

Greyhounds can live to a ripe old age of 12, meaning that once their career as a competitive athlete is dwindling at around the age of five, they still have plenty of time for lots of loving and care in their new career as a friendly family pet.

Greyhounds as Pets is setting up a foster care program where, over six weeks, foster carers teach these former athletes how to be pets and how to live outside the structured life of racing.

Once they complete their retraining, they are ready to provide love and companionship to their NSW adoptees just like any other dog that may be chosen from a pound or a pet shop.

Greyhounds as Pets Coordinator said the program is now calling for foster carers from across NSW for retired greyhounds.

“The six week foster program allows carers and their families to be involved in a retired greyhound’s life and provide the support and training that is needed to get them ready for their seachange,” Mrs Griffin said.

“All the dogs in the Greyhounds as Pets foster program come with up to date vaccination certificates, are desexed, microchipped, wormed and are provided with a collar, muzzle, lead and coat.”

“During the foster period the dog’s food is paid for, vet bills covered and support provided by the Greyhounds as Pets team.”

Leading up to their greyhound’s graduation, foster carers may decide that this is ‘their dog’ and if so they can adopt it. If not, the dog will be made available for adoption by Greyhounds as Pets so they can find their new ‘forever’ home. Fostering a greyhound is a great way to ‘try before you buy’ and an option for families wondering if the novelty of owning a dog will wear off for their children.

“We are looking for anyone who may have been thinking about getting a dog for their family but may not have considered a greyhound or is worried about the long term commitment of pet ownership.”

“Greyhounds make fantastic pets, they are very affectionate, love cuddles and often sleep for about 20 hours a day so are great for families and busy working couples.”

Chief Executive said GRNSW is committed to the welfare of retired greyhounds.

“Greyhounds as Pets will now allow trainers the chance to provide the best possible home for their racing greyhound once their track days are numbered,” Mr Hogan said.

“GRNSW has always seen the well being of greyhounds as a priority not just throughout their racing years but across their complete lifecycle.”

Anyone that is interested in becoming a foster carer or wants to adopt a greyhound can contact the Greyhounds as Pets team on the freecall number 1800 696 377.

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Sandie Lambert
Sandie Lambert
13 years ago

I would like to congradulate GRNSW and their new program Greyhounds as Pets NSW. I wish Lara Griffin much goodwill with the startup of this new program. I have read about getting your first person to foster that is great. I have just had my first adoption here in Broken Hill and another retired racer arriving this Thrusday. Both I have gotten through my association with the local track here in Broken Hill. I hope your first adoption comes soon. It is a wonderous moment. Good Luck and I hope the whole state can finally work together for these greyt… Read more »