GWIC clarify Cop A Chevy Goulburn greyhound injury reponse

The NSW Greyhound Welfare & Commission () has issued a statement clarifying the response to a racing incident which saw fracture a front leg at greyhounds on Tuesday.

The statement has been issued as GWIC “has become aware of inaccurate information being circulated on social alleging that the Commission's veterinarian failed to provide adequate treatment” and that “the owner was forced to agree to take the greyhound to a local surgery for further treatment”. GWIC state categorically that “these allegations are unfounded”.

According to GWIC the injured greyhound Cop A Chevy, “sustained a fracture to its foreleg during a race. Within 4 minutes of the injury occurring, the greyhound had been taken to the treatment room at the track and administered pain relief by the Commission's vet.”

“Discussion then took place with the greyhound's trainer who requested that the greyhound be euthanased. He was advised that euthanasia was not an appropriate course of action. The Commission's vet continued to care for the greyhound whilst the trainer attended to another greyhound racing at the meeting and while attempts were made to contact the registered owner.”

“Over the next few hours multiple attempts were made to contact the owner, with contact eventually being made. In the intervening period arrangements were made to the injured greyhound to a local veterinary practice in Goulburn for further treatment. These arrangements were made between the trainer, Goulburn Greyhound Racing Club staff and the Commission's vet.”

“Since then, the Goulburn Greyhound Racing Club has facilitated discussions about the greyhound's access to their local rehoming program once he has fully recovered from his surgery.”

GWIC has also said they extend”thanks to the Goulburn Greyhound Racing Club, the Commission veterinarian and the local Clinton St veterinary clinic for their prompt and proficient action in providing the very best care to this greyhound.”

The Commission will be following up on the condition of Cop A Chevy throughout his recovery.