Jomika’s Bad Day Sets Off LaBozetta & Earns Him A Fine

On the 26th September 2008 at the Greyhound racing Club meeting a bad start to race 3 where Beaumaris greyhound trainer had difficulty boxing his greyhound may have been the catalyst to a furious engagement with that has resulted in a $500 fine.

A bad day for LaBozetta got much worse when, after having trouble placing Jomika in the boxes, and then finding trouble in the race, GRV Stewards required LaBozzetta to attend a post race .

Stewards spoke to Mr S Labozzetta regarding his difficulty in boxing the greyhound Jomika and acting under GAR 52(2), directed that Jomika be boxed first in future events.

But it didn't end there for LaBozzetta. GRV Stewards also requested Jomika undergo a veterinary inspection following the event. Jomika was vetted by the course vet following the event and then again after race 5 and it was reported that no apparent injury was found.

Stewards spoke to Sam Labozzetta, the trainer of the greyhound Jomika; and subsequently deemed the performace of Jomika unsatisfactory in the event and acting in accordance with GAR71, GRV Stewards directed that Jomika must perform a Satisfactory Trial (all tracks) before any future nomination will be accepted.

While it isn't known exactly what LaBozzetta had to say to GRV Stewards at the time, it is safe to say he was he probably wasn't too pleased with the way his night was progressing and may have voiced that directly to the GRV Stewards.

GRV Stewards immediately signalled their intention to open an inquiry at a date to be fixed in relation to Mr Labozzetta's conduct and language.

On the 20th November 2008 GRV Stewards finally conducted that inquiry into inappropriate language and conduct allegedly displayed by licensed Trainer, Mr. Sam LaBozzetta, following the running of Race 3 at the Geelong Greyhound Racing Club meeting held on 26 September, 2008.

Stewards heard evidence from Mr. LaBozzetta, GRV – Mr. and three other witnesses.

After hearing the evidence tendered, Stewards charged Mr. S. LaBozzetta in breach of GAR86(q) in that following the running of Race 3 at the Geelong Greyhound Racing Club, he engaged in inappropriate language and conduct, which, in the opinion of Stewards, was detrimental to the interest, image and control of greyhound racing.

Mr. S. LaBozzetta pleaded not guilty to the charge.

But GRv Stewards found Mr. S. LaBozzetta guilty as charged and fined him the sum of $500.

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