Spate Of Not Presenting Greyhounds Continues In Victoria

Continuing on from last month’s instances of trainers not taking greyhounds to the races for which they were drawn, GRV have just finalised an in to another instance involving one of the state’s biggest kennels.

Stewards on 17 November, 2008 conducted an Inquiry into the circumstances leading to the non-presentation of “” for its engagement in Race 7 at the GRC meeting held on 13 October, 2008.

Stewards heard evidence from licensed Trainer, Mrs. and tabled a Transcript of Evidence taken at an initial Inquiry held on 13 October, 2008.

After considering all evidence tabled at the Inquiry, Stewards charged Mrs. K. Hunt in breach of GAR86(o) of the Rules in that as the Trainer of “Darius Bale” she negligently failed to ensure that the greyhound was presented for its engagement in Race 7 at the Shepparton GRC meeting held on 13 October, 2008.

Mrs. K. Hunt pleaded guilty to the charge and GRV Stewards found Mrs. K. Hunt guilty as charged and fined her the sum of $150.

This latest instance of neglecting to take the correct greyhounds to races in which they are drawn comes just a few months after the same kennel, racing under partner ’s name, was the subject of several inquiries in to not presenting greyhounds to race.

It’s about time someone at the Kylie Hunt/Peter Hunt kennel in Lara is given the job of doing a simple “head count” before the greyhound trailer leaves for the track.

Realistically, given that the reason the kennel is now racing in Kylie Hunt’s name is that Peter Hunt received a three month disqualification for refusing to attend two seperate inquiries in to failing to produce greyhounds; and given that other than the trainer’s name change, it is business as usual at the Lara kennel; then the $150 fine is somewhat dissapointing as this is the third appearance for the kennel before the stewards to answer charges for the same infringement.

It is getting to the point where GRV Stewards need to look more closely at the current arrangements, where trainers who are suspended or disqualified, merely “transfer” the greyhounds in to their wife or partners name.

GRV Stewards should investigate implementing similar policies to those employed in New South Wales where rules are designed to stop the practice of “transferring” trainer responsibilities. The fact that it occurs with such frequence in makes a mockery of the GRV ’s powers.

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[…] most recent example of this being Peter Hunt’s transfer of his greyhounds to his partner Kylie Hunt. That became necessary when Peter Hunt received a three month disqualification for refusing to […]