Thrupp’s Positive Swab Raises More Questions Than Answers

have just released details of an inquiry in to the Kayleen Thrupp trained greyhound , who returned a to the banned substance and powerful cardiac stimulant, .

Heptaminol is a strong vasodilator that stimulates cardiac output and improves peripheral blood. It isthe same drug that Kazakhstani cyclist Dmitry Fofonov tested positive for in the 2008 Tour De France and a key ingredient in the injectable muscle stimulant, .

On the the 12th December 2008, greyhounds Queensland Stewards convened an inquiry in relation to the urine sample taken from the greyhound Track Hammer which competed on the 23rd October 2008 at the in Race 6 (placed 3rd) and subsequently returned positive to the drug Heptaminol.

Stewards directed Trainer Mrs. Kayleen Thrupp of Buccan to appear.

Evidence was taken from Mrs. Thrupp.

Stewards charged the Trainer under GAR 83 (2) (a) (d) which states;

  • (2) The owner, trainer or person in charge of a greyhound
  • (a) nominated to compete in an Event
  • (d) shall present the greyhound free of any drug

Mrs. Thrupp pleaded guilty as charged and sunsequently she was fined $500 and her trainer’s licence was suspended for three months.

Accordingly, Track Hammer’s third placing was voided as the greyhound was disqualified from the race.

Greyhounds Queensland Stewards also directed that the respective prizemoney must be returned to Greyhounds Queensland.

Queensland Stewards further reminded Mrs Thrupp that under local racing in Queensland:

  • a greyhound trained on or at premises at which a disqualified or suspended person resides shall not be eligible to compete in any event;
  • a greyhound owned or trained by a disqualified or suspended person as at the date of the suspension or disqualification or at any time since the date of the offence resulting in the suspension or disqualification, shall not during the period of suspension or disqualification be owned or trained by the spouse or partner of the suspended or disqualified person or by any person who resides at the premises at which the suspended or disqualified person resides.

It remains to be seen if Stewards will implement the local racing rule and how they will enforce it.

As in other states, it is an unfortunate custom that when a licensed greyhound trainer is suspended or disqualified, the greyhounds in that trainer’s charge are often just transferred to the trainer’s spouse or partner allowing them to essentially conduct “business as usual”.

The most recent example of this being Peter Hunt’s transfer of his greyhounds to his partner Kylie Hunt. That became necessary when Peter Hunt received a three month disqualification for refusing to attend two seperate GRV inquiries.

It should be noted that no official transfer of greyhounds has been notified for tonight’s racing with all official publications still show greyhounds as trained by Kayleen Thrupp.

However, greyhounds racing as early as Wednesday 17th December 2008 are now showing as being trained by . According to our records all greyhounds have previously been trained by Kayleen Thrupp.

Did Kayleen Thrupp move out of her home?

Is Michael Thrupp not Kayleen’s spouse or partner?

In the immortal words of another high profile Queenslander – “Please explain?

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