Greyhound Trainer Fined $500 For Using Wrong Carpark

In the same week as Kayleen Thrupp and Michael Thrupp are continuing to race greyhounds despite appearing to contravene local racing rules, another Queensland greyhound trainer has been fined $500 for using the wrong carpark.

At the () meeting on the 3rd December 2008 Charlie Mifsud, who had Maltese Beauty engaged at the meeting; removed the greyhound from the kennels and used the wrong carpark to facilitate his exit.

Subsequently convened an on the 15th December 2008 in relation to the removal of the greyhound at the Brisbane Greyhound Racing Club meeting held on the 3rd December 2008, via the public car park as opposed to the nominated trainer’s car park as directed.

Stewards directed Trainer Mr. Charles Mifsud and Chairman of Stewards Mr. to appear.

Evidence was taken from Mr. Mifsud and Mr. Danny Ryan and Mr. Mifsud was assisted by Mr. Ross Galvan.

Stewards elected charge Mr. Mifsud under GAR 86 (p) which states;

  • A person (including an official) shall be guilty of an offence if the person –
  • (p) disobeys or fails to comply with the lawful order of a or other person or body having official duties in relation to greyhound racing.

Mr. Mifsud pleaded guilty to the charged and was fined $500.

Still no word though from Greyhounds Queensland Stewards though as to how it is that Michael Thrupp is continuing to race grehounds once trained by Kayleen Thrupp despite the appearance that it directly contravenes local racing .

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