Lektra Ottens Eludes Searchers

The drama surrounding missing greyhound Lektra Ottens deepened yesterday afternoon when he failed to appear.

Going by reports from the elderly gentleman who has been feeding him daily, “Ottens” had been turning up looking for food around 5pm daily.

Acting on that information, a team of searchers headed by the a local Police Constable, the Ranger and greyhound trainer Andrea Gurry headed to the mans property yesterday afternoon to catch the fawn greyhound.

Unfortunately for the search team, and owner and breeder , he failed to show.

A search of the property and other nearby properties failed to locate Lektra Ottens.

“Ottens” has now been fending for himself in the wild for 5 days since the Kiata accident early in the early hours of Friday morning.

Owner and breeder Phil Lenehan plans to spend the rest of today looking for “Ottens” on the mans property.

“It's quite likely he just scared and has found a place to hide”.

“If he knows he can get food, he's not going to go too far away”.

“Given enough time we should find him okay” said Lenehan.

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