Lektra Ottens Found Alive Near Accident Site

Missing greyhound Lektra Ottens has been found alive by locals near the Kiata accident site that claimed the life of promising young greyhound Big Black Mac.

Lektra Ottens has been since the early hours of morning, when the kennel door burst open during the accident and grave concerns were held for his welfare.

Owner and breeder happily reported this morning that “Ottens is alive and we know where he his”.

According to Lenehan, a local gentleman who lives in the Kiata area has been feeding a fawn greyhound since Friday afternoon, blissfully unaware of the drama that surrounded his new friend.

It wasn't until this morning when the gentleman's daughter called around that her father told her of “the greyhound that turns up everyday looking for something to eat”.

Having seen the news reports on Australian Racing Greyhound, the daughter immediately knew who the mystery visitor was, and alerted the Ranger and nearby greyhound trainer Andrea Gurry.

“Apparently, Ottens has been turning up each day since Friday at about 5pm looking for a feed”, said Lenehan.

“According to the fellow, Ottens has been there every day like clockwork for dinner, and has even been seen sleeping on an old lounge in the yard if left undisturbed”.

“Unfortunately, as soon as anyone goes near him he takes off again”, continued Lenehan.

While it remains unclear if Lektra Ottens has suffered any injuries, the fact he is ambulant and eating is a promising sign.

The local Ranger and Andrea Gurry, will make an attempt to catch “Ottens” this afternoon when he turns up for his daily meal.

“Hopefully with Andrea's help they should be able to get him back safely.”

“From there we'll just see how he is, but if he's okay Andrea has agreed to look after him tonight and I'll head up to tomorrow collect him”.

“It's been an amazing response from the , the Police, CFA, and the greyhound community to help find Ottens, and I'd like to thank everyone involved and Australian Racing Greyhound for helping get the message out there”, said Lenehan.

It remains to be seen if Lektra Ottens will race again, but the fact the enterprising young greyhound has managed to stay alive and well for four days in the wild is certainly a testament to his determination and courage.

As Lenehan proudly stated “They breed them tough down way mate”.

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