Love A Greyhound awarded QRIC Racing Animal Welfare (RAW) grants

Queensland organisations who maximise the post racing careers of racing animals have heavily as recipients of the Queensland Racing Commission (the Commission) Racing RAW grants program.

More than $76,000 has been provided to 20 grants projects ranging from funding for retired racing greyhound welfare to events that showcase retired racing horses. Queensland based Love A Greyhound were the recipients of three separate grants.

Racing Minister said grass roots community organisations with an interest in the welfare of racing animals have benefited from these grants and along with their members they have been supported to continue their racing animal welfare initiatives.

“The Redlands Southern District Equestrian will provide opportunities for several clubs to come together incorporating district clubs for their project the Great South-East Off The Track Dressage Series,” she said.

Retired racing horses will feature in agricultural Shows at Roma and Toowoomba as a result of funding from this grant round and retired racing greyhound organisation Love A Greyhound has been funded for desexing, vaccinations, heartworm treatments and dental work for the dogs they prepare for rehoming.

Several equestrian groups have been supported to run events all throughout next year with the knowledge they have the funds on hand for retired racehorse classes and events including the Caloundra Equestrian Association and the South Burnett Western Performance Club.

Equestrian Queensland has taken a step further into education for owners and riders of retired racing horses with their project, which takes training online in a fundamental series of training videos.

The Commission's 2021-22 Racing Animal Welfare (RAW) grants program was launched in July this year and applicants had until 31 August to apply for animal welfare projects that will commence in January next year.

Acting Deputy Queensland Commissioner Darryl Johnson thanked the applicants who submitted more than 30 applications for RAW grants this year.

“The RAW grants program supports the delivery of projects that promote and support the Commission's animal welfare objectives including maximising the post-racing career opportunities for racing animals.”

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