Marie Richards Fined $500 For Online Posts

(RQ) today inquired into comments made by licensed trainer Ms. on the social website Greyhound Data and Facebook.

After giving consideration to all of the evidence which included a copy of the relevant comments posted by Ms. Richards on Greyhound Data and Facebook, she was found guilty of a charge under Rule of Racing 86 (f)(iv) which reads:

“A person (including an official) shall be guilty of an offence if the person engages in, publishes or causes to be published, broadcasts or causes to be broadcast, the use of any contemptuous, unseemly, improper, insulting, or offensive language, conduct or behavior in any manner or form towards, or in relation to any other person having official duties in relation to greyhound racing.”

The specifics of the charge being that on the 28th and 29th March 2014, Ms. Richards did improperly post comments on social media websites Greyhound Data and Facebook, which in the opinion of Stewards were conduct prejudicial to the racing industry.

When considering an appropriate penalty, Stewards were mindful that Ms. Richards has held a exemplary record over a long period of being licensed, however also recognised a need for a penalty to serve as a deterrent to Ms. Richards and to illustrate to the industry that this type of conduct will not be tolerated from any licensed person with RQ.

Ms. Richards was subsequently fined $500. Stewards ordered that $300 to be suspended for 12 months, on the condition that Ms. Richards does not commit any further breaches for a similar offence.

Ms. Richards was advised of her appeal rights.

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