Molly Haines Joins The Team

The Australian Racing Greyhound is delighted to announce that a new writer will be joining our team as of this week. will be covering all of the action from Western Australia, providing an in-depth insight into the state's racing like . Molly currently lives in Western Australia and works for leading WA trainer .

We caught up with Molly over the weekend to learn a bit about her and what she hopes to achieve within the industry.

Molly explained how she came to be involved with greyhounds and Linda

“I actually went to school with Linda's niece, we were in the same year in year two, and we came over from Victoria about the same time and then we were literally in the same class. We became friends and then she took me out there (to Linda's property) once and I just kept going out there. I got very attached to them very quickly”.

“I've been working there full time for about six or seven years and before then I was still out there every Saturday just walking the dogs and being around them”.

“It's the best thing. I feel like without the dogs, I would be a completely different person”.

Molly is currently in her third year of study at Murdoch University where she is completing a degree in Journalism.

Molly describes how writing has always been a passion of hers.

“I've always enjoyed writing, I feel like that's the only thing that I was really good at in school”.

“My dream was always to have my name in print, that's just what I've always wanted”.

“I love being a greyhound journalist but I also have a great love for AFL. I'd love to write for the Football Club, they have a lot of magazines over in Victoria, or just any sort of AFL stories. But, the greyhounds are probably my main interest to write about”.

Molly has been contributing to Kennel Notes, which is released by , for the past seven months. However, she is now looking forward to covering news for an online publication that covers greyhound racing action nationwide.

“Kennel Notes was only , and and it was just around the tracks that people were seeing my work. The fact that there is a larger audience that may be reading what I am writing excites me a lot”.

“I feel like I know so much about the people over here and there are so many stories that are interesting and people want to hear about. It is really good to be able to tell them all now”.

“I'm so excited…I'm really happy with this opportunity”.

Molly will be covering the 3 Mandurah Cup over the next couple of weeks. The heats of the $25,000-to-the-winner series kick off this night. Australian Racing Greyhound is sure that Molly will do a terrific job and, like most of our readers, we are looking forward to reading her first article during the week.

Welcome to the team Molly!!

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Leeanne Crawford
Leeanne Crawford
10 years ago

Well done Molly

Leeanne Crawford
Leeanne Crawford
10 years ago

Well done Molly