Mundine slams Grant for ignoring greyhound racing’s problems

WARREN Mundine has slammed Deputy Premier Troy Grant for his part in the greyhound racing ban, proclaiming he should have taken more responsibility for what was happening within the sport.

Mundine, who is also the chair of the Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council and managing director of Nyungga Black Group, appeared on 2GB on Thursday in response to comments made by Grant on Sky News.

On Wednesday night, Grant was a guest on Paul Murray Live where he condemned the greyhound racing industry, essentially saying it only had itself to blame for the ban which will see it become outlawed within NSW as of July 1, 2017.

“The government don’t run greyhound racing – we don’t run the thoroughbreds; we don’t run the Standardbreds in harness racing – they are self-regulated industries,” Grant said.

“They get revenue from an inter-code agreement – 13 per cent for the greyhounds, they then get that money, it’s about 48 million per annum, and they spend it to run the industry.”

However, Mundine has now come forward questioning why Troy Grant never actively sought to identify and correct the problems within the industry, with the Deputy Premier’s only actions being to sack the CEO and Board of GRNSW and appoint Paul Newson as the interim CEO after the Four Corner’s Program titled ‘Making A Killing’ went to air.

Mundine asked why, given the McHugh report states between 10-20 per cent of the industry engage in live baiting, police haven’t been tasked with catching and convicting those participating in the heinous act.

“He said the government is not in charge of the greyhound industry – that’s a lie – the greyhound board is a statutory body…but the members of that board are appointed by the [racing] minister – and yet he said he had no power to do anything about it,” Mundine said.

“All he had to do was talk to himself. He is both the Minister for Police and the Minister for Racing so all he had to do was sit out, have a chat with himself and then go out and talk to police… then start going out and charging people who were breaking the [law].”

Mundine said it is shocking that Grant acted to support Premier Mike Barid’s ban on greyhound racing given that he is also the leader of the Nationals Party which was established to represent the interests of regional communities.

“[The National] Party which was founded up near [Grafton]…these people were pro farming, pro cattle, pro sheep, pro pigs, [pro] jobs for people in the NSW country.

“Here we have the leader of that party, I don’t even know how he got to be leader, who is sitting in bed with the animal liberationists and greenies about destroying all these industries.

“The vast majority of people [in the greyhound industry] are just ordinary Australians…they are not rich people, they are just enjoying a sport, enjoying a bit of a flutter and having a good time.

“Yet their livelihoods and their culture is now being destroyed day by day by a bunch of lunatics who think its not right to eat animals, not right to wear woollen suits…and not to even have pets.

“[Troy Grant] had the power to do something about [the problems in greyhound racing], but he decided to jump in bed with the inner-city greenies and the animal liberationists.

“The industries of country NSW are under threat; our eating habits are under threat.”

Past Discussion

  1. what a champion of the HONEST cause is WARREN MUNDINE.

    what everyone is also forgetting,is the simple arithmetic of 13% signed for 99 years supposedly in great faith  between GOVERNMENT and supposedly a representative greyhound body who obviously by reports,were UNDER IMMENSE PRESSURE FORM THAT GOVERNMENT OF THE DAY,to sign that deal.

    WARREN, someone needs to get access to those documents,which so far seem to be very hard to obtain,and see why such a deal was garnished.

    TROY GRANT continually throws it in our faces,but what government signs such historic long legal binding deals knowing full well history will show revenue will change In time. something fishy about it all.and TROY GRANT/MIKE BAIRD and other corrupted politicians knows this.

    that extra revenue alone will save the dog industry. without it,we will struggle and die a slow death.

    the government of today are forcing a deal dead between GOTBA/WENTWORTH PARK TRUST,and that was an agrrement between all parties!

    we need a look see now as to why that intercode agreement cannot be null and voided,and the horse people have to accept they lose our share back to us.

    then we cannot be a self regulated business any more. never again, but along with government support,we structure the industry with there help,regulated administration  supervised by a guy like a PAUL NEWSON who performs exactly what the government employed him to do,and not be a sneaky snake in the grass.

    and I say this to PAUL NEWSON types.

    BAIRD will be outed soon. is it not better to protect your own future,than to side, because you were told it WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO,with a MEGLOMANIAC PREMIER hell bent on destroying an industry,plus, destroying many off-shoot businesses and people involved in those businesses?

    go converse with ALLAN CLAYTON at GRV and be taught how to do a job proper,and ask him is he a GOVERNMENT paid PUBLIC SERVANT…..just like you were, and his answer will be YES I AM PAUL,a nd I had GOVERNMENT SUPPORT and  A STRONG HAND PICKED SUPPORT TEAM OF PERSONS WITH NO GREYHOUND BACKGROUND.

    NEWSON would cry in his socks(supplied by BAIRD) as to why was he duped into being a bad guy,instead of being a HUGE WINNER AND TURNING GRNSW AND AN INDUSTRY around and becoming a thriving business.

    would have looked sensational on his CV.

    WONT LOOK GOOD FOR PEOPLE LIKE HIM WHEN BAIRD/GRANT get beaten out of politics by there own members.where does he go then with a red mark on that CV.


  2. dogem53 Mate, The industry Participants  meet with Labor,Christian Democrats,  Shooters Fishers and Farmers from 2012 telling them about the corruption  at many levels in the Industry, the closest we got to Baird or Grant   was Grant’s Chief Of Staff  Alex Bruce who promised a lot and never delivered on  one promise  .Right up to the release of  McHugh’s report  Grant did not want to know us .There were three inquiries into the industry the first one was the Cameron report by then Graham West the Minister (re the inter-code . The second the Upper House Inquiry. Third one The Special Commission  where not one of them recommendations to the government was to shut it down. But the horses can run to Grant and ask for  Millions and get it  and  plus more. How good are the other two Codes V’landy’s best man at his wedding  Mr Dumsney the head of the Harness NSW and his partner Eve McGregor former Chairperson of GRNSW  and yes who put her there the Minister for Hospitality  Gaming and Racing we were never in the hunt, and this prick Grant is trying to tell the people of NSW it wasn’t the governments  fault with whats gone down,because we have always been disconnected from the Greyhounds. To be fair Newson had no idea what he had to do to take us forward, it was the good people like us who was guiding him down the right  path  of the reform, then all of  a sudden some months ago  it all changed ! Some of us new something was going down with Newson .Communication with the Participants had ceased  and he lied at the Commission under oath his whole attitude had change and my gut was telling me  that something big was  going down. i voiced my concerns to the Industry reform manager  and he even felt uncomfortable with this change attitude and its plain to see they got at him(The Government ) the rest is history !

  3. The whole thing is a joke.The so called problems are so easy to fix. We have show dogs and we already do things to protect the dog. What I see the main problem is 1 blooding the dogs 2 over breeding and 3 the rehoming of the dogs 

    (1) Blooding dogs if not already can be main illegal. That is simple. Any one caught a 1st offense ,000 fine 2nd offence ,000 fine. 3rd offence ,000 fine plus 3 months jail plus bard from the industry in every way. Not to own dogs in any way.

    (2) Over breeding.

    Part A…. A quota to be put in place for breeders on the amount of pups can be bred per year. 

    Part B …No Bitch to be bred from under 2 years of age and NEVER over 6yo with out a vet certificate saying the bitch can carry a look after the pups. 

    Part C….Bitches to be bred from  to have only one littler per year. If a second littler is bred under NO circumstances will the pups be registered to race.  

    Part D….All pups must be micro chipped no later than 8 weeks old a long time before a breeder can have any idea if the dog is fast or slow.

    (3) Re Homing

    Part A … Breeder to be made responsible for rehoming for the life of the dog.  

    Part B…If the dog is sold both the new owner and the breeder to be responsible for rehoming of the life of the dog. 

    Part C…A  certificate of rehoming signed by a vet and the new owner to be  returned by the vet to the breeder.

    Part D… With out this certificate the breeder can NOT replace this pup through breeding. So if he has a quota of 50 he will only be able to breed 49 in the next year.

    I am sure that there are other good ideas out there BUT this would be a good start.

  4. Tony you are spot on ,some years back i went to grnsw with a proposal for some of us who have the infrastructure to deal with  Re Homing  of retired racers  .We have retirement villages  for retirees i say why not Greyhounds so i went down that road with area set aside for retired racers and financed it through a small fee to owners I had a great relationship with Greyhound Adoption Group ( which i won’t mention ) and adopted  many retired racers to good homes .That relationship collapsed when the live baiting was exposed by the ABC, and at present we have over 20 greyhounds in retirement. Now with the shutting down of industry their future is grim . When i raised this issue with grnsw i must have open someones eyes, they then spent .4 million on a pet motel at Wyee which was a step in the right direction with retired racers. i can tell  you some at the top of the industry when it came to breeding  where having a ball it was just open slather which lead to massive over breeding and the governing body had no intention  to slow this down  because Greyhounds were exported all over the world ,hence  the position we are  in today ! Proper governance was ignored  by successive governments especially the BAIRD / GRANT government.  Tony its about REPAIR not RUIN !

  5. Tony Cosentino

    Tony, your suggestions are already out there and most  have been in place for the past 15 months.  Live baiting has been illegal for god knows how long and there are laws that exist to punish those that engaged in the practice.  Those laws should have been used when the ABC footage was shown.  They in fact were but most prosecutions were dismissed because of the manner in which the footage was obtained.  In short, the act of obtaining the footage itself was illegal.As for the fines you suggest, I don’t think that drug dealing criminals are subject to them and as vile as the practice of live baiting is, what you suggest is too severe.

    What has always got up my nose since the live baiting issue came about is that the NSW Government, through it’s National Parks and Wildlife Service, merrily lay baits for the same animal, the wild rabbit in the name of protecting the environment.  They do not tell the public of the horrific death that they condemn them to and then vilify greyhound trainers for ‘live baiting’.  Not to mention the Brumby Cull the NP & WS has recently approved. That’s hypocrisy.

    As for rehoming all the dogs, that is an impossibility and I’m sure that there are many in the domestic dog market that would agree.  The RSPCA dog shelters are full of such examples. You can’t expect anyone who can’t rehome a greyhound or any other breed of dog for that matter  to keep it for the term of its natural life.  No one would buy or breed a dog to race if that was the case.

  6. Tony

             Here is a extract from a commitment  from interim CEO Paul Newson when he was appointed by Troy Grant ,now Newson has come over from OLGR now the Justice Department .Mr Newson letter as follows ,My immediate TASK is to ensure the continued operations of Greyhound Racing in NSW while ensuing individuals engaged in misconduct are held to account and take immediate steps to enhance the  investigative and enforcement capability of Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) I am not in the Chief Executive role as the Greyhound expert, my role is to STEER the organisation while the review is undertaken and demonstrate animal welfare and integrity are the principal focus of the regulator going forward. So Tony this person has been a failure and a Hypocrite in the eyes of the participants 24th February 2015