Talking breeding: Well bred Cape Hawke litter commands attention

THIS week's review of litters selected from the Victorian Litter Registrations list for the week ending July 27 starts with beautifully bred litter of nine pups by the brilliant sprinter, Cape Hawke (October 2009 Where's Pedro x Viva Odessa), whose dam is by History Lesson x Odessa Lass (Malawi's Prince x Michigan Might).

Warracknabeal breeder, Ian Bibby, registered the litter of three dogs and six bitches, for Crymelon Kennels, with the litter from the beautifully bred bitch, Crymelon Miss (January 2009 Bombastic Shiraz x Miss Mega Star), whose dam is by Awesome Assassin x Alice Dooley (Barrantes x Impish Dancer).

She is from her dam's second Bombastic Shiraz litter, which included Kate's Thunder, Megastar Blonde, Megastar Spargo and Miss Tandur, after the first litter, whelped in December 2007 produced Mega Mary, Megastar Supreme, Miss Media Star, Shiraz Star and Yambla Bob.

Their dam, Miss Megastar, also produced winners from each of her three other litters, whelped in March 2006 by Token Prince, October 2006 by Big Daddy Cool and November 2011 by Where's Pedro.

On the track, Crymelon Miss raced 51 times for two wins and 10 placings, winning over 430 metres at Bendigo (24.61) where she was also placed twice and 410 metres at Horsham (23.87) where she was placed three times over 410 metres and also over 570 metres, along with three placings over 450 metres at Ballarat and one over 450 metres at Warrnambool.

She has been a good producer already, with winners from her first three litters, whelped in September 2012 by Heston Bale, July 2013 by El Grand Senor and May 2014 by Kynan's Express.

Cape Hawke is a former track record holder over 515 metres at Sandown (29.13) and 450 metres at Shepparton (24.82), who was a finalist in the Group 1 Adelaide Cup, Group 1 Silver Chief and Group 2 Ballarat Cup.

She can Rock

NEXT we have another beautifully bred litter of nine pups, registered by Pearcedale breeder, Shona Crawford, by High Earner (May 2007 Collision x Double Guess).

The six dogs and three bitches are from the very well bred, consistent stayer, Shall She Rock (March 2012 Talk's Cheap x Shall She), whose dam is by November Fury x Trios Pinari (Fortified Speed* x Shy Flight).

She is from a handy litter, which included Lone Survivor, Cruiser's Sol, Dream Collector, Exquisitus, Miss Society, My Girl Honey and Peregon Flyer, with their dam only having two other named offspring, Go Go Pedro and Where's He Shall, who were whelped in October 2009 by Where's Pedro.

Shall She Rock raced 70 times for the very good record of 19 wins and 26 placings, winning five times over 725 metres at The Meadows (42.50), four times over 715 metres at Sandown (41.90), where she also won three times over 595 metres (34.43), twice over 400 metres at Warragul (22.88), where she also won over 460 metres (26.55) and 680 metres (38.95), twice over 520 metres at Cranbourne (30.35), where she also won over 699 metres (41.63) and also won over 596 metres at Geelong (34.78).

Two Kiowa Mon Manny* litters

Victorian Litter RegistrationsTWO litters on the Victorian list this week by the highly rated international stud success, Kiowa Mon Manny* (September 2002 Flying Penske x Flying Monica K).

Pearcedale breeder, Justin Illman, registered the first of the two litters, which is two dogs and four bitches from the beautifully bred, proven producer, Aston Amelia (September 2008 Pure Octane x Cheeky Sprite), whose dam is by Bright Ebony x Cheeky Villian (Hail The Champ x Dusty Babe).

She is from a handy litter which included Aston Abira, Aston Aditi, Aston James, Aston Jobson, Aston Molly, Aston Red, Aston Susie and the very good producer Queen Of Cyprus, who is currently getting plenty of winners from her litter.

Their dam, Cheeky Sprite has proved herself an outstanding producer, producing some very good winners from her three other litters, whelped in December 2005 by Token Prince (including Queen Lauryn and Sassy Sprite), March 2007 by Surf Lorian (including Santino Marella) and September 2009 by Where's Pedro (including Great Gunns), including bitches who have gone on to prove themselves at stud.

Aston Amelia's first litter, whelped in March 2014 by Collision, produced Aston Emilio, Aston Gaudi, Aston Hammer, Aston Prada, Aston Sissy and Collision Course, then she has since whelped a litter of one dog and two bitches, by Barcia Bale, in April 2015, with her first two litters both bred by Ray Borda in South Australia.

Beaconsfield breeder, Nicholas De La Roche, has the second Kiowa Mon Manny* litter, five dogs and five bitches, from another beautifully bred bitch, Destini Warrior (March 2010 Where's Pedro x Greys Destiny*), whose imported dam is by Kiowa Swet Trey x Greys Nose Dive (Norva x Greys Ladymanagum).

Destini Warrior is from an outstanding litter which won over $1.2million is stakes and included Andiamo, Black Attitude, Destini Bambini, Destini Fireball, Destiny Shaker, Destiny's Jet, Five Paws, General Destini, Kansas Tornado, Miss Abilene and Mr. Kansas.

Greys Destiny* has been a great producer, with winners from her June 2011 litter by Velocette and August 2012 litter by Brett Lee, and she has just one named to date from her September 2014 , second litter by Where's Pedro.

Destini Warrior is already a proven producer, with winners from her February 2014 litter, by Collide, with four named, Destini Bluejay, Destini Lass, Destini Ripper and Muto Warrior.

Taylors Sky* litter

ARARAT breeder, John Toye has a nice litter of 12 pups on the list this week by 2011 Group 1 English Derby winner, now highly rated sire, Taylors Sky*. (March 2009 Westmead Hawk x Rising Angel).

The six dogs and six bitches in the litter are from the very well bred bitch, Looby Lu (January 2012 Vee Man Vane x Surfing Idol), whose dam is by Surf Lorian x Ginger Legs (Droopys Sandy* x Jeanie's Jet), and worth recalling, Jeanie's Jet is by Captain Standby (Grove Whisper* x Bay City Roller) from Jeannie's Me Mum (Amerigo Man x Idol Eyes).

Looby Lu is from a litter which included Deadly Clear, Deadly Surfer, Deadly Vane, Dozen He Go, Miss Vane and Slicky Scooby, with their dam also producing winners from an August 2013 litter by Fear Zafonic* and a repeat mating to Vee Man Vane, whelped in October 2014.

On the track, Looby Lu raced 24 times for eight wins and two placings, winning over 595 metres (34.05) and 715 metres (41.90) at Sandown, 600 metres at the Meadows (34.67), 570 metres at Horsham (34.67) and twice over 660 metres at Ballarat (38.13), where she also won over 450 metres (25.68) and 545 metres (31.05).

Portrait quality litter

OUR final litter from the Victorian list this week is a nice litter of ten pups, registered by Cranbourne breeder, Pat Sofra, by successful sire Turanza Bale (July 2006 Primo Uno x Daishi Bale).

The three dogs and seven bitches, are from the beautifully bred bitch, Portrait Ignites (April 2009 Where's Pedro x Pretty Larkhill), whose dam is by Larkhill Jo* x Pretty Portrait (Black Shiraz x Prima Portrait).

She is from a litter of five named, which included Magic Didak, Pretty In Blue, Pretty Nollina and Pretty Pearl, with their dam also producing winners her two other litters, August 2010 by Cosmic Rumble and December 2011 by Bartrim Bale.

Portrait Ignites raced 29 times for the handy record of nine wins and six placings, doing most of her racing in Tasmania where she won four times over 461 metres at Hobart (25.99), twice over 515 metres at Launceston (29.59) and 452 metres at Devonport (25.90) after having won over 515 metres at Sandown (29.97) in one of three Victorian starts before heading south.

She has one previous litter on file, four dogs and six bitches, whelped in April 2015 by Barcia Bale.

NSW Whelping Report

NSW Whelping Report2015 Victorian Greyhound Of The Year, and 2015 Group 1 National Sprint Championship winner, Fernando Bale (March 2013 Kelsos Fusileer* x Chloe Allen*) has three litters on this week's NSW Whelping Report, for the week ending April 16.

The Dee Pee Syndicate, from Toongabbie, has the first of the three litters, which is two dogs and five bitches, from the 2014 Group 1 National Sprint Championship winner, and 2014 Group 1 Melbourne Cup runner up, Chica Destacada (May 2012 Cosmic Rumble x Eluthra), whose dam is by Most Awesome x Buena Sera (Hotshow Sam x Sarah Isle).

Chica Destacada is from a litter which included Capital Game, Torero, Voussir, Spiritual Charm, Spiritual Love and Time To Riot, with their dam also producing winners from her four other litters, by Bombastic Shiraz, El Galo, Magic Sprite and Premier Fantasy*.

On the track she proved herself one of the most outstanding sprinters of recent times, racing 71 times for 24 wins and 14 placings, winning an amazing 17 races over 520 metres at Wentworth Park (29.49), all in sub 30 second times, with two wins over 515 metres at Gosford (29.46), where she also won over 600 metres (34.92), two wins over 535 metres at Richmond (30.62) and also won over 530 metres at Cannington (30.27) and 515 metres at Sandown (29.22).

The Velocity Lodge Syndicate, from Eli Waters, has the second Fernando Bale litter, which has three dogs and five bitches, from the well bred bitch, Velocity Sofia (February 2011 Path To Power x Velocity Queen), whose dam is by Surf Lorian x Miss Ross (Token Prince x Lucky Penna).

She is from a litter which included Kilto, Madam Abbey, Nakara, Permitted and Wishez, with their dam's only having one other litter on file, whelped in November 2009 by El Galo.

Velocity Sofia raced 33 times for six wins and seven placings, winning three times over 530 metres at Cannington (30.55), with simgle wins over 520 metres at Ipswich (30.79), 520 metres at Albion Park (30.61) and 515 metres at Sandown (29.75).

Toongabbie breeder, Dennis Donoghue, has the final Fernando Bale litter, four dogs and two bitches from another well bred bitch, Winsome Amanda (April 2013 El Grand Senor x Ramblin' Ruby), whose dam is by x Ruby Red Lips (Token Prince x Osti's Dream).

She is from a handy litter, which included Winsome Bluey, Winsome Dan, Winsome Jacko, Winsome Jenny, Winsome Mission and Winsome Warrior, with their dam also producing winners from both of her other litters, whelped in December 2010 by Where's Pedro and February 2012 by Bit Chili.

On the track, Winsome Amanda raced 29 times for six wins and 10 placings, winning three times over 520 metres at Wentworth Park (29.78) and also over 535 metres at Richmond (30.67), 516 metres at Dubbo (30.08) and 405 metres at Mandurah (22.71).

Paw Licking good

NEXT we have a nice litter of eight pups by the outstanding sprinter and well bred stud prospect, Paw Licking (March 2011 Elite State x Kingsbrae Di).

Registered by Gilberton breeder, , the litter of three dogs and five bitches are from the well bred, consistent, sprinter, Dayseas Astra (June 2012 Cosmic Rumble x Kath's Problem), whose dam is by Boomeroo x Civic Pride (Prince Of Tigers x Kaycee Robyn).

She is from a litter which included Dayseas Cosmo, Dayseas Rigg, Flash Goran and Sinuk, with their dam also producing winners from her other litters, by Big Daddy Cool, Bond, Dyna Tron and Path To Power.

Dayseas Astra raced 47 times for 11 wins and 16 placings, winning four times over 395 metres at Albion Park (22.70), where she also won over 520 metres (30.34), three times over 366 metres at Capalaba (19.90), twice over 411 metres at Casino (23.49) and also over 305 metres at Grafton (17.49).

Tuiaki litter

OUR final litter from this week's NSW list, is one of nine pups, bred by Orangeville breeder, Keith Jones, by the under-rated sire Tuiaki (March 2008 Premier Fantasy* x Shireen's Habit).

The five dogs and four bitches are from the well bred bitch, Ariek Ruth (August 2007 Hallucinate x Ariek Angel), whose dam is by Carlisle Jack x Ariek ( x Denver Antics).

She is from a litter of seven named, which included Red Ariekm Ariek Mirage, Big Dee Ariek, Ear's Ariek, Go Michelangelo and Go Teresa, with their dam's only other litter, whelped in March 2011, by Where's Pedro, producing Ariek Pirate, Ariek Viv and Where's Ariek.

On the track she raced 77 times for six wins and 19 placings, winning twice over 520 metres at Wentworth Park (30.71), twice over 440 metres at Canberra (25.32), where she also won over 310 metres (17.98) and also won over 520 metres at Dapto (30.20).

She has winners on file from one previous litter, two dogs and two bitches, whelped in February 2014, by Spring Gun, with three named, Ariek Ammo, Ariek Recoil and Spring Ariek.

South Australian litters

SA Whelping ReportTURNING our attention to South Australia, where we have chosen two litters for review from their May litter registrations list of six litters, which produced 21 dogs and 23 bitches, and an average of 7.3 pups per litter.

Our first litter chosen for review, is an interesting litter of eight pups, registered by Reeves Plains breeder, Raymond Murray, by the well bred, little known sire, Kalden Komoto (April 2009 Premier Fantasy* x Pamela Rose), whose dam is by No Intent x Fancy Blonde (Bonjase x Dale's Fancy).

Kalden Komoto raced 106 times for the very good record of 32 wins and 51 placings, winning 13 times over 515 metres at Angle Park (29.54), where he also won six times over 600 metres (35.22) and also over 388 metres (22.55), with three wins over 530 metres at Cannington in WA (30.70), three wins over 531 metres at Gawler (30.57), where he also won over 400 metres (22.71) and 643 metres (37.98), twice over 509 metres at (29.86) and twice over 536 metres at Strathalbyn (30.57).

He is a proven sire, from only three named offspring on file, Amalite, Blood Red and Bluestone, who were whelped in January 2015 by Frantic Fusion.

Raymond's Kalden Komoto litter, of four dogs and four bitches, are from the well bred, well performed bitch, Sometimes Speedy (September 2010 Collision x Gemstone Supreme), whose dam is by Lansley Bale x Gemtrea Jemma (Black Shiraz x Gemtrea Pixie).

She is from a litter of four which included Adim Assassin, Chelsea Flower and Gemtree, with their dam's only three other named offspring, My Diamond Tina, Papatheo and Running Radish, whelped in December 2009, by Bond.

Sometimes Speedy raced 55 times for the very good record of 24 wins and 17 placings, winning nine times over 515 metres at Angle Park (29.89), where she also won over 388 metres (22.32), six times over 520 metres at Wentworth Park (29.63), three times over 515 metres at The Gardens (29.58), twice over 536 metres at Strathalbyn (31.42) and twice over 400 metres at Gawler (22.56), where she also won over 530 metres (30.65).

She is a proven producer with two previous litters on file, nine dogs by Magic Sprite, whelped in February 2014, then three dogs and three bitches, whelped in November 2014 by Lochinvar Marlow, with both litters bred by Jason Caddy from Surrey Downs.

Between them Kalden Komoto and Sometimes Speedy raced 161 times for the great record of 56 wins and 68 placings, so these well bred youngsters certainly have winning in their blood.

Silver Saul litter

NOT many litters around these days by the 2002 Sandown Shootout and SA Greyhound Of The Year, Silver Saul (February 1999 Oak Raider x Sudden Magic), whose dam is by Sudden Storm x Willow Lee (Tempix x Delpha Lee), but we have one this week.

Bred by Two Wells breeder, Brian Styles, the three dogs and six bitches are from the beautifully bred bitch, Gypsy Spy (February 2008 Big Daddy Cool x Brooklyn Rain), whose dam is by World Title x Brooklyn Haze (Malawi's Prince x Brooklyn Mood) and worth recalling, Brooklyn Mood is by Shining Chariot x Milluna (Pop Gun x Kori Golden).

She is from a litter which included Club Seven, Galapagos, Only Jess and Pedrosa, with their dam also producing winners from her own litter by Silver Saul in January 2005, and she also has a March 2006 litter by Where's Pedro on file.

Gypsy Spy raced 100 times for 22 wins and 23 placings, winning 17 races over 515 metres at Angle Park (29.95) and five wins over the testing 531 metres at Gawler (30.95).

Victorian Stud Services

STUD Service figures released by GRV, for the month of April showed a total of 28 services by 18 different sires, with only five sires with multiple services, Dyna Double One with three, then Banjo Boy, Barcia Bale, Fabregas and Kinloch Brae* with two each.

Looking at the combined figures for the first four months of the year, Fernando Bale has been the most popular sire with breeders, with 15 services, followed by Dyna Double One with 12, Barcia Bale 11, Magic Sprite 9, Banjo Boy 7, Kinloch Brae* and Stagger with 6 each, Fabregas, My Bro Fabio and Nolen with 5 each, Bella Infrared*, Hostile, Kiowa Mon Manny* and Premier Boloney with three each, then Bekim Bale, Blue Giant, Cosmic Rumble, Dyna Tron, Echelon, General Destini, Hooksy, Jagger Swagger, KC And All*, Kiowa Producer*, , Oaks Road, Paradise Madison*, Smart Missile, Spud Regis, Vee Man Vane and Walk Hard with two each, completing the list of sires with multiple services.

Now let us have a look at the full list of all sires with services registered in Victoria during the four months to the end of April, in alphabetical order, with the two figures for each sire representing their services in April then then the four months January to April combined.

Allen Deed 0-1, Al Moran 0-1, Arising 0-1, Ballymac Vic* 1-1, Banjo Boy 2-7, Barcia Bale 2-11, Bartrim Bale 0-1, Bekim Bale 0-2, Bella Infrared* 0-3, Big Daddy Cool 0-1, Black Magic Opal 0-1, Blue Giant 1-2, Cape Hawke 0-1, College Causeway* 0-1, Cosmic Rumble 0-2, Cruisy Mission 0-1, Don't Knocka Him 0-1, Dyna Double One 3-12, Dyna Villa 0-1, Dyna Tron 1-2, Early Return 0-1, Echelon 0-2, Elite State 0-1, Fabregas 2-5, Fernando Bale 1-15, Flying Scott 1-1, General Destini 0-2, 0-1, Hooksy 0-2, Hostile 0-3, Jagger Swagger 0-2, Jarvis Bale 0-1, Kayda Shae 0-1, KC And All* 0-2, Kelsos Fusileer* 0-1, Kinloch Brae* 2-6, Kiowa Mon Manny* 1-3, Kiowa Producer 0-2, 0-1, Kynan's Express 0-1, Lochinvar Marlow 1-1, Magic Sprite 0-9, Mogambo 0-1, Makeshift* 1-1, My Bro Fabio 0-5, Nitro Burst 0-2, Nolen 0-5, Oaks Road 0-2, Paddy's Flame 1-1, Paradise Madison* 0-2, Premier Boloney 0-3, Premier Fantasy* 0-1, Prince Diablo 0-1, Razldazl Jayfkay* 0-1, Sisco Range 0-1, Smart Missile 1-2, Smoke Home 0-1, Speed Series 0-1, Spud Regis 0-2, Stagger 1-6, Swift Fancy 0-1, Taylors Sky* 0-1, Tommy Brislane 1-1, Turanza Bale 0-1, Vapour Whirl 1-1, Vee Man Vane 0-2, Walk Hard 0-2, Westmead Osprey* 0-1, Where's Pedro 0-1 and Zulu Zeus 0-1.


Better Than ThisTHE 2016 Coursing season came to a fitting climax with the running of the two day Waterloo Cup meeting at Lang Lang last weekend in cold wet and windy conditions.

Outstanding coursing greyhound, Better Than This (October 2013 Knocka Norris x Father Of Mine), trained at Cranbourne by Andrew Paraskevas and unbeaten this season, was too god for the far less experienced Dragon Class (October 2013 Dyna Tron x Minnie Power), trained at St Albans by Charles Merceica, in the $12,970 to the winner final. The runner up collected $3,875, with defeated semi finalists $800 each and defeated quarter finalists $200 each.

Happy Hour (September 2013 Nitro Burst x Hotel Baci) trained at Les Weeks at Tyabb, won the Waterloo Plate, defeating the Tricia Curtain trained, Queen Lagertha (April 2014 Barcia Bale x Holy Thunder) in the final.

The other main support event, the Waterloo Purse was won by the John Taylor trained, Ido Voodoo (October 2013 Head Bound* x Surf Queen) who proved to be too good for Geoffrey Howell's Levenseat Bevan (Vee Man Vane x Potomac) in the final.

Other winners on the second day supporting program were, 2015 Derby winner, Amlin Prince May 2013 El Grand Senor x Brandeen Marny), Panther's Grit (June 2014 Bekim Bale x Juliet Bale), Hands To Myself (May 2014 Cosmic Rumble x Chelsea's Hand), Mea Rose (July 2014 Barcia Bale x Strawberry Rose), Santa Cruz Moon (February 2014 El Grand Senor x New Moon Rising) and Lil' Feisty (El Grand Senor x Superior Inc).

It was good to see GRV Board Chairman, Bernie Carolan, and CEO Allan Clayton at the traditional official NCA Waterloo Cup lunch, supporting coursing and grass roots greyhound racing in this state.

The lunch also saw NCA President, Peter Craig, pay tribute to long standing Treasurer Heather Villenger, who will retire from the position after the AGM .

Heather has been an amazing contributor, not only to Coursing, but to greyhound racing in general throughout Victoria for many years and whilst it will no doubt be difficult to replace her on the NCA Executive, it will be good to see her have a well earned rest.

Bred to Win

TOUGH AS NAILS (Black dog, September 2014 Fabregas x Great Gunns) Trained by Gerry O'Keeffe at Neerim Junction and had three placings from four starts over 460 metres at Warragul before last start second over 515 metres at Sandown (SAP) on August 21, beaten 3.4 lengths in the race won by Rock Away (29.62). Now had 12 starts for four wins and six placings, has plenty of ability and will win again soon.

LOOSE UNIT (Black dog, February 2014 x Such Is Life) Trained at Lethbridge by and won over 500 metres at Bendigo and 545 metres at Ballarat, before finishing seventh over 595 metres at Sandown (SAP) on July 31. Freshened up before third over 515 metres there (SAP) on August 21, beaten 2.86 lengths in the race won by Unika Allen (29.71). Now had 12 starts for four wins and three placings and not far off another win.

DEWANA EXPRESS (Black dog Cosmic Rumble x Wildcard Lass) Another ‘Dewan' chaser from the Carrum Downs kennel of Matthew Dewan, who has now had ten starts for two wins and six placings. Placed Sandown 515 metres before striking trouble and eighth there, then back to SAP meeting August 21, when good second, beaten 1.06 lengths by Scorching Fella (29.96). Not far off another win.

Next Week

NEXT week we will have an update on the NSW Stud Service figures for the month of April and our usual review of litters, from Victoria and New South Wales, along with any news that comes in through the Mailbag.


Got a question on any of our sires and brood bitch lists, maybe on Coursing, or want to send us news on a litter you've just bred, or any greyhound racing related question, simply email me at [email protected]

We are particularly interested in hearing from Queensland breeders about their litters, after we have still not received any response from the authority there in regards to our request for information.

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