New Zealand greyhound racing now live in the United States

Greyhound racing at Auckland, NZ
NZ greyhound racing

New Zealand (NZ) is set to export its greyhound racing industry to the United States (US) according to an announcement by Greyhound Racing New Zealand ().

The upcoming greyhound race meeting on Monday, September 25, 2023, will mark the first NZ greyhound racing event to be exported across the Pacific.

This move comes as NZ greyhound racing joins 's automated greyhound channel, which specifically targets audiences in the United States.

Paul McRoberts, Head of International Tabcorp, expressed enthusiasm for this partnership with GRNZ.

Highlighted their shared goal of bringing New Zealand's greyhound racing to a global audience.

, CEO of GRNZ, expressed optimism about this export opportunity and its potential to boost turnover while raising awareness about the quality of New Zealand's greyhound racing.

Overall, this move is expected to have an impact on both turnover and awareness of New Zealand's greyhound racing scene in the US, where live greyhound racing is now restricted to just two tracks.

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Sandy edwards
Sandy edwards
8 months ago

Don’t bring this horrible “sport” to the US. We have almost eleminated it here and few people want anything to do with it. It should be shut down worldwide