NSW GWIC say Fitzsimons greyhound welfare article is wrong

NSW greyhound racing

The NSW & Integrity Commission () has refuted claims made in Peter Fitzsimons’ article Gone to the dogs: Why greyhound racing’s new code is a complete crock published 3rd July 2020.

Chief Commissioner, AM, says the article wrongly suggests that all participants will have until 1 January 2036 to be compliant with the NSW Greyhound Welfare kennelling standards.

“The date for compliance with the greyhound housing standard is 1 January 2031. Only a small number of participants who meet strict criteria will be able to seek an extension beyond 31 December 2030 for a further 5 years”, Mr Brown said.

“Additionally, under the new Code, the Commission will be able to direct compliance with the new kennelling special standard, which is the highest in Australia, in cases where it finds existing kennelling facilities are inadequate from a welfare perspective”.

The NSW Greyhound Welfare Code of Practice had been developed as required by the Greyhound Racing Act 2017. The NSW Government developed the final Code in consultation with the Commission and includes feedback from Greyhound , the Greyhound Breeders Owners & Trainers’ Association, the NSW , the RSCPA, the NSW Department of Primary Industries and submissions received in public consultation.

The Code increases the minimum kennel sizes from 3.0 square metres to 3.5 square metres to be consistent with the NSW Code of Practice – Dogs and Cats made under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979.

The new Code sets the highest kennelling spatial standards in Australia. The Victorian Code which commenced on 1 January this year, which has a 3 square metre kennelling standard, has no deadline set for full compliance.

“While some may wish to be critical of the 10-year transition provided by the Code, the fact that NSW is the first State in Australia to set a deadline for full compliance should be commended”, Mr Brown said.

“Apart from setting the highest kennelling spatial standards in Australia, the Code’s other key elements in relation to exercise, socialisation and enrichment together with its coverage of retired greyhounds (unlike and elsewhere) should be acknowledged for their enhancement of greyhound welfare”.

“The Code should be viewed in its entirety and the industry should be congratulated in adopting these high standards which more closely align with community expectations”, Mr Brown said.

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Aaron Cross
Aaron Cross
1 year ago

Still a joke

Fiona Book
Fiona Book
1 year ago

Oh, talk about splitting hairs Mr Brown! The fact is that in some cases industry participants will get until 2036 to comply. That’s a fact. Mr Brown, it doesn’t matter how much you squirm. GWIC and most importantly – Minister Kevin Andrews – have let down the dogs. Industry participants who truly ‘love’ their dogs, as they say they do, would not want to see any dog in below par kennelling.

Lucas Fenton
Lucas Fenton
1 year ago

So are you saying people concerned with greyhound welfare shouldn’t worry because the code only states that it is acceptable for greyhounds to be kept in tiny, squalid accommodation for 10 years. Only a proportion will be kept in those conditions for 15 years. Why was the entire section 9.1 on ‘Preparing greyhounds for rehoming’ removed from the final version of the code? But then so many aren’t rehomed are they? They are killed by industry participants as demonstrated by the McHugh and McSporran Reports. Nothing changes.