Canine Coronavirus is now a compulsory reportable disease

Industry Update

The () has declared that Canine Infectious Diarrhoea (also known as Canine ) is now a reportable disease under Rule 105A of the Greyhound Racing Rules.

Rule 105A states:

  • (1) The Body may declare an infectious or contagious animal disease or condition to be a reportable disease as from the date on which the declaration is published
  • (2) A person who owns or is in charge of, or has in his possession or control, a greyhound which the person suspects or should reasonably suspect is infected with a reportable disease shall as soon as possible after he should have suspected or became aware that the greyhound is infected, report the fact to the Controlling Body by the quickest means of communication available to the person; and
    • (b) as far as practicable keep the greyhound separate from any other greyhound or animals not so infected.
  • (3) If the Controlling Body reasonably suspects any premises, place, region, or vehicle to be contaminated with a reportable disease, the or authorised person may by order in writing declare it to be an infected place or vehicle. The written notice of the order shall be given to the owner or person in charge or in apparent control of the premises, place, region or vehicle to which the order relates.
  • (4) Other than a person expressly authorised to do so by the Stewards or authorised person, a person shall not bring, move, take or allow any person to bring, move or take any animal, vehicle, fodder, other digestible product, gear or fitting into, within or out of any premises, place, region or vehicle, declared under sub-rule (3).

This new rule means that if the Commission suspects a participant has greyhounds affected by Canine Infectious Diarrhoea, they will not be permitted to move any greyhounds from their premises for a minimum period of 14 days.

Any participant who suspects that a greyhound in their care has Canine Infectious Diarrhoea is required to report this to the Commission by the fastest means of communication available. Notifications can be provided via email: [email protected] or by phone: 13 49 42.

Symptoms of Canine Infectious Diarrhoea

  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • High temperature, however, most cases do not present with an elevated temperature

If a greyhound is showing these symptoms, GWIC is encouraging participants to seek immediate veterinarian advice and to undertake laboratory testing. The Commission will assist with the costs of these tests. More information on Canine Infectious Diarrhoea can be found on the fact sheet on the GWIC website.

GWIC has reminded participants that under the Greyhound Racing Rules, it is an offence to not notify the Commission if you suspect any greyhound in your care has Canine Infectious Diarrhoea.

If a participant’s premises are declared infected with Canine Infectious Diarrhoea there are other requirements which participants must follow, including not removing greyhounds from the property.

GWIC have stated that they “will work with affected participants to ensure proper measures are provided to them”.

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