GWIC confirms NSW greyhound population of 20,000 dogs

NSW greyhound racing

The Greyhound Welfare & Integrity Commission () has announced the completion of its Greyhound Register Reconciliation Program which was conducted to validate historical data and determine the actual number of greyhounds eligible for inclusion in the Commission’s Register enabling it to track all registered greyhounds in New South Wales during their full lifecycle.

The Commission’s Interim , , has thanked the industry for its cooperation and assistance with completing the audit.

“This has been a significant undertaking by the Commission, and we are extremely grateful to the many industry participants who were responsive to our requests for information throughout this important project,” Mr Griffin said.

“This audit is critical to the Commission’s commitment to the lifecycle tracking of registered greyhounds.”

“This is not something that has been required of the industry previously, so this reconciliation and audit of the greyhound register was critical in developing an accurate record of NSW greyhounds which the Commission will use to enhance lifecycle tracking of all registered greyhounds in NSW.”

“Having definite numbers and improved tracking capabilities will assist the industry to disprove inaccurate claims of unlawful euthanasia and is another step towards improved transparency which will make NSW the leading jurisdiction when it comes to lifecycle tracking.”

The Commission has determined that the total number of registered greyhounds in NSW is currently 20,168. This includes whelped but unnamed pups, pre-racing adolescents, racing greyhounds, greyhounds and retired greyhounds that remain in the custody of industry participants.

“This figure forms the baseline of our lifecycle tracking and supports the next phase of our tracking capabilities.”

“The Commission plans to continue to work with in the development of a new, world-first system of scanning all greyhounds on the greyhound register commencing in 2021, which will enable the Commission to verify all greyhounds each year to confirm their whereabouts and well-being,” Mr Griffin said.

“This new system will ensure that all registered greyhounds come into contact with the Commission at least annually.”

The Commission said that it “looks forward to working with to implement this world leading system for the life-cycle tracking of registered greyhounds”.

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