Industry’s guarantees four commitments to Premier at meeting

THE New South Wales greyhound industry is continuing its fight for survival following a meeting with Premier Mike Baird and Deputy Premier Troy Grant on Tuesday morning.

Representing the industry was NSW Greyhound Breeders Owners and Trainers Association (GBOTA) CEO Brenton Scott, who is also the head of the NSW Greyhound Racing Industry Alliance.

At the meeting the Alliance made four guarantees of action to the Government and community as a means of demonstrating the industry’s unwavering commitment to reform.

“We appreciate the Premier listening to our plan for the future this morning,” Scott said.

“We are committed to a plan that will ensure we meet the expectations of the community and can still operate a viable and sustainable industry.”

The four guarantees are as follows:

– A total life cycle management for all greyhounds born into the industry, including every greyhound which is unable to race as well as retired dogs.

– A controlled breeding program which would immediately limit the amount of greyhounds being bred for racing within NSW to 2000 annually.

– A zero tolerance attitude towards animal cruelty which would result in life time bans for any participants found guilty of acts such as live baiting.

– Providing strict standards to ensure the safest racing environment as a means of eliminating avoidable injury.

Each of the four guarantees came with a detailed action plan to demonstrate to the Government how the industry expects to meet each of the commitments.

The plans include positive initiatives such as breeding quotas, new grading systems for racing greyhounds, additional funding for adoption programs and a new industry Code of Practice, which would be enforceable by a regulatory and supervisory structure.

Scott said the guarantees made by the Alliance demonstrate a response to some of the Government and community’s main concerns for the sport of greyhound racing.

“Important to the community is the fact that our plan for the future means that every greyhound bred will live out a full and natural life whether as a racing dog, adopted as a family pet, or as the responsibility of its owner or the industry,” Scott said.

“We are confident that we can meet these guarantees. We have thoroughly researched the issues. The modelling that we have done, plus case studies from other states and overseas, demonstrates that this is all viable and achievable.”

Scott said Baird saw the significant impact his decision is going to have on the state and reiterated that the Alliance is keen to work with the Premier on reforming the industry.

“I believe the Premier showed an understanding of the impact of his decision and we are happy to work with him further to demonstrate the viability of our industry.

“We hope he agrees to work with us as we are confident we have a viable industry inclusive of the animal welfare guarantees we presented to him today.

“We are open to independent credible modelling to further check our future capability inclusive of these strong reforms and infrastructure upgrades.

“We are just asking for a fair go and a chance to demonstrate that we can change.”

Past Discussion

  1. 3rd Reading (mention) of the Greyhound Ban Act was introduced into parliament at 12noon today.

    The enabling Act is on the Government Web site and with the alliance group.

    Ring up the Group on the GBOTA phone line and register to obtain e-mails Phone 96497166 and press 2.

    Will talk to you later. The Act is 11 pages long and as the old truism states a Country goes legal before it goes fascist.

    Country Club reps need to register with their associations to attend the Wentworth Park Annual Meeting and to get to Parliament to thank the Brave nationals who  are looking after your interests. Meeting and re-opening of Parliament sittings will be run on Tuesday 223rd August 2016.

  2. malber Michelle    I purchased the Abernethy Greyhound Education and Retirement Center situated 9 klms  just outside of Cessnock on the edge of a National Park,  this large National Park  which surrounds the 20 acres   is a breeding ground for feral x breed dogs , 1000s of feral cats est 30 million across Australia killing native wild life, Foxes , Cattle,  Goats and Deer and rabbits. You might ask how i obtain this information , my Son is employed by National Parks& Wildlife as a Environmental Officer  and since a little boy he loved to play with pups we breed but his passion has always been the Environment  At this centrer we have catered for all aspects  of the life cycle of the Racing the Greyhound and as Pets, The income from education of Greyhounds for Racing has subsidies  the care and welfare of Greyhounds that are not a racing proposition and with the help of The Friends of the Hounds we have REHOMED many Greyhounds  . When the  the Live baiting issue arose ( which I believed was over stated and NEVER been the Practice here at Abernethy and never will ) The Friends of the Hounds wanted nothing to do with us once this story was  out, i have rang them many occasions  with no answer.  So Michelle i wonder if they really care for the greyhound or is it  just  a money raising exercise ( example RSPCA over 100 milion made by this charity in the 2013-14 financial year and are biggest killers of unwanted pets, so its obvious with your thoughts on WASTAGE you have no problems with how the RSPCA operate  retired officer  who was with for many years is prepared  to go on record on how they animals are put down ( its barbaric to say the least) with this closure of the industry three young people lose their jobs here, and by the way , Youth unemployment is running around 25% here in Cessnock  Unless i can find homes for these retired greyhounds which age from 5 to16 years in human terms 24  at the moment with another 19 on a the waiting list ,IF not rehomed  its off to the RSPCA shelter at Rutherford , that’s my very Last Resort or maybe join the the rest of the animals  kingdom running free in the National Park  which is more than likely to prolong their Life. Well Michelle,like  i and many others that cannot thank MR BAIRD and MR GRANT  for taking this issue seriously ! MIchelle you should ask MR GRANT what happen to his families Racing Greyhound  General Grant.  i believe for some  in this debate, its sinks of  HYPOCRISY. It would much appreciative if you could find homes for these very loving animals, there are 7 Greyhounds that can not be rehomed as they are constant barkers and howlers, your answers to these problems would by most help full with whats gone down with the Greyhounds..Michelle you have a nice day , as for my day st  thinking of what do  next, i for one will never stop loving Greyhounds and so do 90% of people who have them in any form.