Robertson says Baird hasn’t considered consequences of ban

FORMER New South Wales Opposition Leader John Robertson has spoken out on the recently-passed legislation to outlaw greyhound racing, slamming the Baird government for failing to consider the ramifications a total ban of the $335 million per year industry will have.

Appearing on 2GB on Friday morning, the MP for Blacktown, who led the NSW Labor Party between March 31, 2011, and December 23, 2014, said banning the entire sport was an overreaction to a range of problems presented within the industry.

“Today you see in the paper there is going to be a thousand jobs lost – a thousand full-time jobs lost in this industry – and as a result of that it means that NSW is losing jobs and yet they are not actually addressing the issue by making the decision that this government has taken,” Robertson said.

“The term that keeps getting tossed around is arrogance and I think that’s probably right…pig headedness and arrogance surround this decision.”

Robertson said the ban will have a far reaching effect on other sectors within the state, something which has not been thoroughly thought out by Premier Mike Baird or Deputy Premier Troy Grant.

“It is just extraordinary and I think when you make decisions like these there are always unintended consequences and it’s the risk you make when you are in government…but you would be expected to have considered all of those things beforehand.

“Yesterday the Premier was at the budget estimates hearings and he couldn’t give exact figures on job losses from greyhounds, couldn’t talk about consequences of this decision in other areas and I think everybody should be really worried about what that means and how this government is making decisions on significant issues like this without considering what the consequences will be for the wider community.

“It’s just been poorly thought through.”

Robertson also alluded that there are now rumblings from within the Liberal Party, with some MPs shocked and concerned about the decision which was made with zero consultation with the industry and prior to it being debated in parliament.

“It’s hard to believe and privately I talked to a lot of former staffers, former MPs – Liberal MPs – and some who are currently there who…have all said to me privately how concerned they are and I had one former conservative radio commentator sending me a note saying they thought it was a moralising overreach on the part of government and I think for most people that’s the case.

“Privately a lot of the Liberals are saying this is not what the Liberal Party does – we are not the ones to close industries down – and the animal rights activists are going to feel quite involved after this decision.”

The announcement that greyhound racing will be banned as of July 1, 2017, was made by Premier Mike Baird on July 7, 2016, with the decision handed down simultaneously with the report from the Special Commission of Inquiry by Justice Michael McHugh.

Despite the Greyhound Racing Prohibition Bill 2016 being passed through the Lower and Upper House, the greyhound industry is still fighting to have the ban overturned, with the McHugh Report now subject to a battle in the Supreme Court, with the industry arguing that the report is biased and factually incorrect and aiming to have it declared invalid and of no legal standing.

The case is due back in court on September 29.

Past Discussion

  1. Please understand this decision made because the horses don’t want equity for the greyhound industry, parity would mean the hounds would gain enormous amounts that would allow them to facilitate all welfare issues, the horses would lose big time and they are behind this decision, elites pushing their agendas, forget Wentworth Park that’s chicken feed its the greyhound share these elitists want, plain and simple

  2. Todman  Yes as soon as Baird said “this is not class warfare” I knew that was exactly what it was. Grant stating “horse racing is booming” that’s why we have given them 24 million to upgrade the Rosehill track, but greyhound racing they have wastage ( what and the horses don’t?) What disgusts me about these people is that they want it all, are prepared to behave as dishonestly and immorally as needs be and then dare to pursue ordinary people who dare to question them. Using the Police and their lawyers to intimidate anyone who disagrees with them. They want it all and ordinary people to have nothing. Yes this episode has been a sad one for democracy and the rights of ordinary people. Ordinary people still have the right to vote them out though- bring on the next election.

  3. Deborah555 Todman I agree with everything todman has said except i believe that WP is a big part of the pie.

    There are a lot of people like me that would not back a horse if there life depended on it. It will be interesting to see how much the TAB revenue drops  if the ban ever takes effect, i still remain positive however.

  4. Todman Spot on Todmam, your conspiracy theory are pretty close to the mark  don’t forget the Amalgamation of the councils he needed the support of the Animal Justice Party and Gallacher in the upper house to push his agenda through.Did you notice he used Gallacher up then spat him out. Yes i agree we have let them (the Gallops and the red hots) dictate to the Government , at the expense  of the Greyhounds we carried these grubs through the FLU we have subsidizing  the Bastards substantialy for years. Todman these grubs placed a DA with Randwick  Council  for lights at Randwick for Night Racing, but that don’t sit  to  well with the surrounding residents  who are saying no way and if we fall over their will be no nackeries left for their horses that don’t make  the grade. the statement that Dumsney made, that the Greyhounds must deal with their own demons makes me laugh, one of those demons that he spoke about was the Last Chairperson of GRNSW that he knows only to well.  So in some ways another growler is right we are idiots for coping it up the arse by these people who are morbid to say the least and motivated by greed !.

  5. lone widow Deborah555 Todman  I agree lone widow that Wentworth Park is part of what they want  -also they are prepared to promote their rich friends hobbies as well. To argue that greyhound “wastage” is horrendous cruelty and horse “wastage” is just part of a booming industry while handing over millions of taxpayer money to promote it is well Liberal and if that’s not an indication of class warfare I don’t know what is. Yes the greyhound turnover will drop and that will no longer be available for the horsey set and it will be a significant amount of money.   Same as the lock out laws apparently the new casino will serve alcohol 24/7. Baird actually referred to pollies named by ICAC for taking money from property developers as “his friends” who had apparently suffered enough and changed the laws so they could not be charged. Today his health minister came out and stated that people in the health industry were begging her to stay because she was doing such a great job. I was incredulous that anyone could even believe that and have the hide to say it given the latest round of tragedies. Yes these people couldn’t run an outside dunny let alone the state.

    Newson on his twitter site actually gave a little retweet from Barry the former premier about “truth” I would have thought that was not exactly an area of expertise for bazza . To be honest I couldn’t stop laughing. What reality do these people live in?

  6. Deborah555 another growler Todman How unfortunate it is that a person of your intelligence and fantastic views should condone the ramblings of this idiot. Please see comments on Ernsts’ article on Worm Burner in Adelaide. Enough said!

  7. Todman,

    If the readers on this site really want to support the greyhounds in NSW they should simply cancel their NSW TAB accounts.

    It’s your money they’re after.

  8. another growler Deborah555 Todman  I really enjoyed that debate between the pair of you as well. We can argue with each other as long as we keep the enemy in sight and how about we say  “once Greyhound X was on the totally synthetic lure he was bound to win.”  

  9. lone widow Deborah555 another growler Todman  I was being facetious about the name change -political correctness gone made. That’s the sad part the greyhound track was the last bastion where political correctness didn’t rule the roost now we have polite politically correct mongrels in charge. C—-ts in suits.

  10. I was informed  today that Wentworth Park is protected as part o our indigenous peoples land,  and they might have say in what Baird has planed for the place ?

  11. BobWhitelaw mate,you are amazing. I reckon you are looking over my shoulder….no wonder I get goosies.

    only just sent an email to this organisation,who are responsible for indigenous land titles etc;. as yet no reply,but only sent Friday.

    I questioned as to their,or indigenous knowledge of deals being done without consult by BAIRDS GOVERNMENT with CHINESE INDUSTRIES,or more better known as COMMUNIST CHINA.


    also rights on CROWN LANDS,especially those inner city like the area surrounding WENTY PARK to the harbours.

    I stressed heavily the battle the indigenous race faced when colonial invasion by whites destroyed their race,and for many,many years they fought for LAND RIGHTS and a better understanding through negotiation to get where they are today.

    BUT,were they now well and truly aware,that once that SORRY was said, its meaning and depth disappeared,as the good old corrupt GOVERNMENTS of Australia,and in this case NSW, have decided that CHINA is the new lands rights owners,and have made moves to BLOCK every avenue available to indigenous and asutralian people,securing as our own what we agreed upon, and now forfeit to a new INVADER,CHINA.

    much more of course,but I will inform you and everyone of what eventuates. understanding what goes on behind the scenes is always a difficult thing,but at the rate this country is being sold off to outside interests,our past discrepancies with indigenous tribes will be just that…..past.

  12. MPs who attended a dinner with Prime Minister Turnbull at the Chop-house steak restaurant last month have told the Prime Minister they views that closing the industry in response to animal welfare was not  a proportionate response . He is under stood to have told MPs he believed outrage over treatment of rabbits used in live baiting (a key reason for the industry losing political support )was surprising given that rabbits were a feral pest and were regularly SHOT and POISONED.he was critical of the decision and the message was ‘if we are shutting down an Industry on the basis of what happens to Rabbits , well, we are not very nice to rabbits in this country .They are a Pest  one MP said and another MP made it clear Mr Turnbull was not indicating  support for live baiting but criticised  how the state government handled the issue ,this was Malcolm Turnbull the farmer talking! Iam lol

  13. BobWhitelaw latest POLL RESULTS in NSWcertainly paints a bleak, a very bleak picture for BAIRD and his cahoots.

    I have no doubt an inner faction dispute will set the cat amongst the pigeons,and that internal boiling will spew over and BAIRD will be challenged.

    and watch the parties like NATIONAL etc; who sided with him on the greyhound closure issue, turn and desert him.

    they want a LONG CAREER in politics,not a 1-3 year term, for obvious reasons, with perks a top listing. they have to decide,with POLLS already showing a decline in favour for COLGATE MIKE, do we stand and chance a beating, or do we look after ourselves?

    obvious answer for a pollie is TO EAT YOUR OWN,and let BAIRD suffer on his own.

    so, all roads for BAIRD, are leading to his god loving MINISTERSHIP at the ANGLICAN CHURCH, or the house where……. are created.

  14. I for one don’t believe he is a religious person for one minute , No one who’s belief in a supernatural power that made and controls the world  would have inflicted  so much pain and hardship on so many .Religious my arse, its a front for his extreme right wing views how the the world should be under a DICTATOR. 

  15. BobWhitelaw  Couldn’t agree more Bob-” come on co-operate with the transition” ( we need to know how many dogs on the ground the RSPCA will need to put down) and to defend this ” we will save unborn ones in the future” suggests you have no idea about God or decency or have even a soul. I wonder if some of these pollies will be posing with this mass grave (or ash pile) and if they think anyone will believe they have done all this damage in the name of animal welfare if they do they are delusional that stain will be on their soul no matter how much they think they can reason their way out of it.

  16. BobWhitelaw  PS and the greens bullsh*t no dog should die for a bet but apparently they can die for a vote instead. I don’t think I have seen political opportunism like this before truly disgusting.

  17. BobWhitelaw lol………between you me and the gestapo forum watchers BOB, religion is a front for many who want to cover up there weird whacky ways.

    most troubles throughout the world are religious related. I am a raised catholic,but I have to be honest and say with all the troubles detracting from proper religion,who would really listen. his own following is entrenched in pathetic treatment of children, not the only religion or church type,but up there with most. talk of needing to lose a social licence,there is the number one category leader.religion.

  18. BobWhitelaw The indigenous people have been manipulated by the white man for 240 years in this country. With all due respect for them they have been kept in their place at the bottom of the ladder in spite of the Marbo decision. 

    I believe that they will unfortunately be bought off for a pittance  in this case.

  19. The coalition government state or federal will simply sit on their hands now until post 2019 to see what effect the ban has.  The only positive scenario to that result is that the inter-code agreement may be re-negotiated if Luke Foley wins the next election and the ban is overturned???  Maybe the thoroughbred industry would be wise to support the greyhounds now to maintain the status quo.

  20. lone widow  I think letting the animal activists off the leash has people worried far beyond the racing industries. The Nationals ( except the three decent ones who supported their communities) are very worried “in bed with the greens” is not a good look in the bush.

  21. I for one was very disappointed when John Robertson stepped down as leader of the opposition.This man had made a commitment to help the Greyhound Industry with many problems that existed in our sport .When participants meet with him at Wallsend Diggers he stated that we (labor) must help these people, and with the minor parties agreed to a Select Committee inquiry into the industry , that inquiry was conducted and the FILTHY BAIRD GRANT COALITION IGNORED The recommendations to take and repair the industry ,they then decided to have their own little charade staged it with their own actors to KILL GREYHOUND RACING here in NSW for their own political gain ! SADLY for them the wider community have not excepted their BULLS**T. We all should be thankful for LUKE FOLEY,ROBERT BORSAK ,FRED NILE, and our three friends from the NATS who stood up  these two GRUBS they started the WAR, but we will win the Battle.  Once again i thank John Robertson for showing guts to stand up for the battler.