Ossie Chegia’s Three Month Disqualification Appeal Quashed

Greyhound Racing South Australia () completed an on 24th July 2012 into the circumstances surrounding Licensed Trainer Mr. Oswald Chegia's conduct during a routine kennel inspection conducted by Mr.Tom Hayles (GRSA Animal Officer/) on Wednesday 4 July 2012.

Mr. Chegia was subsequently charged with a breach of the GRSA Of Greyhound Racing R86(f).

Mr.Chegia pleaded guilty to the charge and was subsequently disqualified for a period of 3 months.

On Thursday 11th October 2012 the heard an appeal lodged by Mr. Chegia against the Stewards decision.

The penalty of 3 months disqualification has been confirmed by the Tribunal and will commence at midnight on Tuesday, 13 November 2012.

The order of the Tribunal is that the Appeal be dismissed and the forfeited.

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